Three Monkeys of Nikko

The Three Monkeys of Nikko

By LaNae Choate Stout
Illustrated by Amber Arnoldsen

1.    In the country of Japan, in the city of Nikko, there is a famous carving of the three wise monkeys.  (Carving of monkeys)

2.    One day, father said, “Let’s go to Nikko and see the famous monkeys!”  (Father talking to three boys)

3.    We all climbed into the car, strapped on our seatbelts, and drove for a long time.  “How much longer, until we get there?”  I asked.  “We’re almost there!”  Father replied.  (Van driving down the road in Japan)

4.    Soon we arrived.  We got out of the car and walked up to the shrine.  (Shrine from a distance)

5.    “There they are,” said Mother.  We looked up to see the three wise monkeys:  Hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil.  (Three monkeys up close)

6.    “Let’s take a picture!”  Father said.  My two brothers and I lined up underneath the monkeys. 

7.    My older brother put his hands over his ears and said, “Hear no evil.”  I put my hands over my mouth and said, “Speak no evil.”  My younger brother, put his hands over his eyes and said, “See no evil.” 

8.    “Say cheese!” smiled mother.  “CLICK” went the camera.  (Three boys lined up under the monkeys doing the same actions with their hands as the monkeys)

9.    “Now for a fun surprise,” said father. “Let’s go see some REAL monkeys!”  “I know where some are not too far from here!”  (Father talking)

10.We all climbed back into the car and strapped on our seatbelts.  My older brother put his headphones on to listen to some music; I sat between him and my younger brother who was looking out the window at the beautiful scenery. (Three boys in car)

11.“How much longer, until we get there? “ I asked.   “We’re almost there!” said father.  Soon we arrived at the hills.  (Car driving towards hills)

12.We looked up to see many, many monkeys sitting in the trees.  We looked at them.  (Family in car looking at monkeys)

13.And the monkeys looked at us.  (Monkeys looking at people)

14.Three monkeys jumped off the tree branch and started walking towards our car.  “Hey look!” said my younger brother, “They’re getting closer!”  Quick, get the camera!” said mother.  “Take a picture!” (Three monkeys walking towards the car).

15.Father rolled down the window and stuck the camera out to get a nice shot.  The three monkeys started to run.  Before we knew it, they jumped one by one through the open window and were inside our car! (Father with camera sticking out of window)

16.It was rather crowded in our car with the three monkeys inside. “Oh, no, what tricky monkeys!” I said.  (Monkeys in the car with the boys-crowded)

17.One of the monkeys grabbed my older brother’s headphones.  (Headphones)

18.I picked up my cell phone to call a policeman for help.  The second monkey grabbed my cell phone.  “Oh no, what tricky monkeys,” my younger brother said. (Cell phone)

19.The third monkey grabbed my brother’s glasses.  “Oh no, what a tricky monkey,” my older brother said. (Glasses)

20.One by one, the three monkeys jumped out of the car through the open window and ran back to their tree branch.  (Monkeys running up the hill to a tree)

21.We looked up to see the three monkeys sitting there in a row.  (Three monkeys on a tree branch from a distance)

22.The first monkey had my older brother’s head phones on; the second monkey was talking on my cell phone, and the third monkey was wearing my younger brother’s glasses! (Close up of three monkeys)

23.“Quick, get the camera,” Said mother.  “We have to take a picture!”  “Say cheese!” said father.  (Father taking a picture of the monkeys)

24.The monkeys smiled big.  “Those monkeys certainly are tricky!” said mother.
25.(Three monkeys smiling big)

26.“I’m afraid we will have to say good-bye to the monkeys and to all of our things!” said father.  (Father)

27.We waved good-bye and drove home. (Family waving good-bye)

28.“How much longer, until we get there?” I asked.  “We’re almost there,” said father.  (Car driving towards house)

29.When we arrived home, the phone was ringing.  (Home with a vibrating ring coming from the house)

30.I picked it up; “Eeeeeek, Eeeeek, Eeeeeek, Thank you for a super fun day that we will never, ever, forget!” said the monkeys.  The end (Picture 1-boy on phone, smiling and Picture 2-Monkeys in tree branch - the first one with headphones on, the second one talking on the cell phone, and the third one with glasses- all 3 monkeys are leaning towards the receiver on the cell phone) 

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