Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break

Brian had a few things he needed to take care of while he was here, so he stayed Monday for an orthodontist appointment to get his retainer repaired, for an appointment to get his windshield replaced, and he stayed for dinner and Family Home Evening and ended up leaving just after 6:00 pm.

It was fun to have him here!
And sad to see him go, until next time!

Tim participated in having a high ranking former government official from Japan, speak to students at UVU.  He met Conan Graham and Walt Ames, two legends who lived in Japan for years.  Tim went out to dinner with the three and had a wonderful evening getting to know them better.

Some of the students who attended the lecture.

I took Luke out skating several times during the break.

We went to the Dinosaur Museum and then out to lunch at Paradise Bakery

Tim and I took Luke out for a 5 mile skate around Highland Glen Park

A few people were up fishing in the pond

We saw lots of ducks.  it was a beautiful morning!

Amy went for a Friday night sleepover with her cousins

They had fun making s'mores and watching the sun rise and helping Brianna find a wedding dress!

Amy made this darling video for her Health Class...