Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Emily and Shawn's Wedding and General Conference

I headed up to Idaho to pick up Brian from college so that he could attend his cousin's wedding.  Brigham, a dear friend we knew in Japan who is also attending BYU-I came down with us and we dropped off Brian's roommate, Matt, at his home.  Matt had a mission reunion to attend that night.  Emily and Shawn got married on Friday, October 2nd in the Payson Temple.

It turned out to be a rainy day, but the wedding was beautiful.  Lots of family and friends were there.

Coming out of the temple

The five Arnoldsen kids with Preston in the picture (he is serving a mission in South Carolina)

Brian was so incredibly happy to be able to be there.

Brian held the umbrella for Rachel so she could take tons of pictures.  She is an amazing photographer! 
Check her work out at luminosityphotos.com!

Cutest couple ever-we are so happy for them!

Allen and Wendy with their newly married kids!

The flowers at the temple.  After the wedding, we went to Orem for the yummy luncheon.

The reception was held in the Arnoldsen grandparent's backyard.

Luke had fun blowing bubbles at the reception

So many people came.  We were worried it might rain, but the rain held off until Emily and Shawn got in the car and drove away for their honeymoon.  Lots of huge blessings!

Heidi gave Brian 4 tickets to the Saturday morning session of conference. 
Brian, Brigham, Brigham's friend from his mission, and Amy got to go.  Soooo neat!!!

The menfolk enjoyed cinnamon rolls after the Priesthood session of conference.

Eric and Mindy's family came over for lunch on Sunday and they watched the Sunday afternoon session of conference with us.  Lexi Beth has started taking her first steps-so fun!