Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lazy days of summer...

Luke took an interest in roller blading so Tim went out and got him his own pair of skates.  Now we go out nearly every day to the Murdoch Canal Trail or to the park across the street from Freedom Elementary on Canterbury Lane and Luke skates while we take a brisk walk right behind him.  It gives us both a nice bit of exercise!  He absolutely loves it!

Luke takes a particular interest in his own shadow.

One especially fun summer activity that we enjoy doing is making ice cream just like the pioneers did (well, probably).  You take about a cup of cream or half and half and pour it into a sandwich sized ziploc bag.  Add a couple teaspoons of sugar and a cap full of vanilla.  Zip the bag completely shut and put it in another bag and zip it shut as well.  Then put ice and salt in a gallon sized ziploc bag.  Put the smaller bag inside the larger and zip it up.  Now comes the fun part; shake-shake-shake, and roll it around about a bazillion times!
When the ice cream hardens, it is ready to eat.  Squeeze it into a bowl and enjoy!

Amy and Tim looking forward to a cold treat!

Rick and Kelsee having fun shaking the cream.