Saturday, June 4, 2016

25th wedding anniversary continued...

Our anniversary was on a Wednesday this year so we celebrated by going to Shane Co. to get rings, and then to Red Lobster for dinner.  Tim got trout and LaNae had the salmon-yum!

Artichoke dip!

We received a very special anniversary card in the mail from Grandma Stout!  
She got it for us just before she passed away.

Very neat that she was thinking of our 25th wedding anniversary

Amy got her driver's license!

Luke had his transition meeting at school.  He goes to the new High School next year!

David Mac turned 38 and we had a party for him and a trip to see a movie

May Kelly came over and had fun playing with Lexi Beth

Hot air balloons were out!

Snow cones for FHE:  LaNae got coconut, Tim got black cherry, Amy got cotton candy, and Luke got green apple.
Then we took a trip to check out Willow Park

A fun trip to Provo for FHE

Very cool place!

Amy and I want to come here for our Women's Conference dinner out

Got the garden and a new drip watering system put in!

5 mile walks to the pond and back

So pretty!

Potato, sausage, and spinach soup

Cute May Kelly

Brian brought a girl home for us to meet.  Actually, she went to ASIJ (American School in Japan) so we had that connection.  her father just returned from Ukraine and brought Brian these nostalgic treats.  We went to her brother's concert after dinner and visiting.  It was fantastic!

Tim got the built in shelves installed and now we need to paint and then the entire downstairs will be DONE!  Hooray!

Waterford campus is breathtaking!

Some of Tim's students went in together to have an artist draw this picture of our family.  We love it!

Todd had his 20th birthday in Tennessee so we sent him a package and talked to him over the phone