Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Father's Day, the passing of my father, William Wesley Choate, May Kelly and Rick's birthdays

Tim arrived home from Cincinnati with some fun treasures 

We also celebrated Father's Day

With a few treasures for him

It is great to have him back home

I talked to my father on the phone for Father's Day.  He is wearing the pajamas we gave him.

When I talked to him on the phone he was rather quiet.  He said it was getting so very hard to breathe and he was totally wiped out and exhausted just trying to stay alive.  He said "I love you," just before hanging up and that was the last time I spoke with him.  Just thinking about all our times together while I was growing up, I appreciate him so very much.  He was always trying so hard to do the best he could to be a great father.  He loved all of us kids and I will miss him. What a privilege it was to be his daughter!

I love you too, Dad!

We went on a hike for Family Home evening

Attended a wedding reception for my mission companion's daughter and walked around the Payson Temple afterwards.

We were on a walk when we got the news that Dad was headed for the hospital.  We later found out that he had a heart attack and left as soon as we could for Oklahoma.  At 3:15 in the morning Utah time (4:15 Oklahoma time) we received news that he had passed away.
We decided to keep going anyway. 

I'm so grateful to Tim for making the sacrifice to drop everything and go to Oklahoma when we did.  It was priceless to get to be there for the burial which was held on Friday morning.  It was lovely.  He was buried in a brand new cemetery that is very close to the ranch. 

We got back to Utah just in time for may Kelly's birthday party and for Rick's birthday.  I'm glad we made it.  That little girl is so cute and you should see Lincoln now.  He is sitting up and has two teeth!

Kelsee made this amazing birthday cake

Kelsee made a pinata

Our new baby nephew, Cohen was born this week.  Notice he is saying "Hi"

 Roller blading with Luke

On the way back, we brough Aly and Rachel, my nieces 

We stopped at Wilson Arch (tradition when we go that route)

And took some fun pictures (also tradition)