Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cute kids, Tibble Fork, Camping in Logan Canyon...

Luke finished summer school.  I swiped this picture of our cute grand kids ;)

We went to Tibble Fork Reservoir again.  It is so beautiful and very close to our house!

On Friday, we headed to Logan to celebrate Tim's birthday.  We had dinner at the Bluebird Cafe.  
It is over a hundred years old with a very vintage feeling.

Brian and Chloe were in Japan having dinner with two of Tim's colleagues at the American School.
They are very dear friends!

Our campsite turned out to be in a great spot close to the river.

We brought along plenty of repellent and mosquito repellent candles so the location was perfect!

We checked out the area, built a campfire and roasted s'mores, played a few games of UNO, and had fun visiting.

We set up our tent right next to the picnic table

The flowers were gorgeous.  We sure do live in a beautiful world!

Amy and Luke loved exploring the river

We had fun taking pictures and then...

Tragedy struck... Tim's phone fell and because it was out of the case in the tripod, it shattered :(

Luckily, Tim was able to get it fixed right when we got home!

Amber finished some of the illustrations for the children's book I wrote.  
Now to send a proposal to a publisher--wish me luck!!!