Friday, June 12, 2015

Todd goes to the temple on June 9...

Todd went through the Mt. Timpanogos Temple

It was an extra neat day-another young man who was also going through the temple for the first time, sat by Todd and guess what?  He is going to the Tokyo, Japan mission, too!  John came for the special day and since he is also going to the Tokyo mission, there were three who may at some point be companions!

Todd and John

Monday, June 8, 2015

Pies & Ties

On June 7th, we had a Pies and Ties for Todd and John

Every one brought Pies & Ties

We had soup, rolls, and salads for dinner and then all the siblings took turns telling about what their families have been up to

Todd and John enough wonderful ties for their whole mission!

Some of the ties are matching.  I hope the people in their mission are able to tell them apart ;)

Eric and Mindy came too, and I think their kids were downstairs.  The chicks they gave me for Mother's Day are big enough to go into the main chicken pen.!  The kids enjoy seeing them when they come over.

It was a big weekend, on June 5th, Tim took Luke on a train ride

Luke LOVES train rides!

After I got off work, we drove to the Arnoldsen cabin in Mt. Pleasant for the Stout Family Reunion.  We made gyoza (Japanese pot stickers) and watched slides from Tim's parents early married years and places their family traveled to when he was a kid.  Wendy read some beautiful passages from her journal and we had a great time visiting with family.  Amy took Luke to his favorite BIG swing.

The roses are blooming!