Sunday, April 9, 2017

Oklahoma Trip...
We just got back from our trip to Oklahoma!  

Amy drove a ton, we saw a double rainbow, and it was great to see the family again.  All of us were there except Eric so we took some pictures with Mom and Dad.  Luke did well.  We took him swimming twice and Amy took him to see Beauty and the Beast.

Steven invited us to Hannah and Sam's Special Olympics softball game and it was fun to watch them play.  We visited Jason and Calista's new house which is so, so cute!

Amy made a fun playlist of 5 hours worth of road trip songs

Amy said, "I always see double rainbows when I'm with you"

Sure enough, we saw one!

Mom and Dad with their girls

All but Eric

Mom and Dad with their boys

Michael stood in for Eric 😉

Hannah and Sam's team

Amy and Aly


Amy loves to drive-hooray!

We went the Colorado way which has tons and tons of tunnels!

Cousin Molly had a baby girl on Wednesday-so cute!

Todd and John in Tokyo with matching ties
Just found out they are together for the 5th transfer!

Saturday while we were driving back, Tim was at a conference for Japanese teachers.  Right when we came back, Rosie came over so they could answer the Prom request, but it snowed so they decided to do it on Monday.