Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Grandma Stout's last week...

Very tender week. We have stood nearby as Grandma Stout quickly took a turn for the worse, and began preparing to slip peacefully to the other side. LaNae and Tim spent the night several nights, helping to give her pain meds as needed.  As hard as it is, we have also felt the love of the Savior, and have received many tender mercies.

Earlier in the week, Grandmas was quite alert and people were able to visit with her, tell her that they love her, and she responded very clearly, expressing her love for them. It was good that each of the children, grandchildren, and even Grandma's mother and siblings each had the opportunity. All except her missionaries (Brian, Carson, and Preston). I hope they are  feeling close to her through the spirit, and that they can feel His peace at this time. She has received many blessings recently, and two this week in particular that have brought a lot peace to us.

Kay Laraine Shaffer Stout

Taken about a month ago

 Grandma Stout with her grandkids

Flowers from Allen to Grandma Stout

Amy and Grandma Stout

Hospice set up a bed in the living room and we were able to have many wonderful last visits with her

Todd and Grandma Stout

Aunt Heidi visiting with Grandma Stout

Rick and Kelsee came on Saturday!

The crocuses have started blooming in the front yard!

The Tale of the Sheet

When Grandma Shaffer came to visit in October 2014 for Mark and Emily's wedding, she stayed with Grandma Stout.  She is the cutest little 98 year old Grandma who has only one vice:  she spills often on the front of her clothes.  It has become the family joke.  Grandma Stout and Grandma Shaffer were in bed and decided to have a little snack.  They made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ate them right there in the bed.  True to form, Grandma Shaffer spilled some of her sandwich on the sheets.  Grandma Stout hollered to David, "Get the scissors!"  David brought them in and Grandma Stout cut off the place where the peanut butter and jelly had fallen on the sheet.  We had fun laughing about the story and I had to get a picture of the actual sheet that got the cutting!  Too funny!