Monday, August 11, 2014

Tim had a birthday!

It fell on a very busy Sunday and I marveled watching him go to his 7:00 am Bishoprics meeting, have various interviews, count tithing, go home teaching, and carry out his duties throughout the day.  He is a loving, caring husband and father and I feel blessed to be married to him and especially to spend the eternities with him at my side.  Couldn't ask for a better husband and best friend!  Love you, Tim!

Tim's birthday...

Tim turned 45!  

His diploma for his doctorate finally came in the mail, so I had it framed for one of his presents.

Visiting Paul & Cindy's new house...

We visited Paul & Cindy's new house.  It sits on 2 acres and has lots of extras for them to enjoy.  Jett was getting sleepy and was settling down for a little nap.  Love that boy!

Love this family with all my heart!

We had a great time at the reunion.  It was wonderful to see everyone again!

Luke's first day of summer school 2014!

Luke attended summer school in Orem this year.  He loved it!
Morning walks...

Tim and I took this on one of our morning walks.  I love sunflowers!!!

Luke's happenings...

Luke spent much of the summer roller blading

Picture of the moon taken on one of our walks.

Jaxon, Nathan, Ryan, and Sam

Choate cousins at Leah's baptism, August 2014

Daniel and Jonathan