Sunday, May 8, 2016

The beautiful month of May!

We have this lilac bush in the corner of the yard and usually, I prune it quite a bit so we can get through the gate, but have let it be the last couple of years, and this year it burst forth with the most amazing, fragrant lilacs!  Tim said we should let it cover the gate and never prune it again-ha!

They turned the drinking fountains on at the Murdock Trails where we take Luke roller blading-hooray!

Luke was in a special dance performance at the Jr. High.  He sure did a terrific job on his dance!

Miss May Kelly came over-she is a cutie!

Amy got her prom pictures and they turned out fabulous!  She had a fun time and good memories!

So proud of my girl!

Mother's Day breakfast...

Tim and the kids planted petunias out front and then I got some things for our garden this year and a yummy herbal tea to aid in my relaxation time ;), FLOWERS, a yummy breakfast and a fabulous dinner.  Brian called, I called my mom and Tim called Grandma Shaffer.  
It was an awesome Mother's Day!  Amy gave a talk in church on being a daughter of our Heavenly Father.  She worked hard on it and practiced it many times and did a great job speaking at church!  We went to Preston's homecoming talk after and he did a great job on his talk too! 

My cute kids!

My thoughtful husband making dinner for me-he's the best!