Friday, August 22, 2014

Luke starts Jr. High!

Luke started school at Lehi Jr. High this year.  His teacher's name is Mr. Lindberg and there are 12 kids in his class.  Tim got to spend the first day with him going to lunch, making milkshakes for math class, and decorating his new locker. I think he's going to like it here!

A few pictures from the reunion...

This was taken at Leah's baptism:
Sam, Ryan, Natalie, Nathan, Jaxon, and Emma

Daniel and Jonathan

Ben, Bryce, Jett, Elias, Nathan, Emma, and Ammon

Todd, Amy, Rachel, Luci Jo, Bekah, Natalie


Jaxon turns 9...

My nephew, Jaxon (Eric & Mindy's), turned 9!  He is growing so fast.  
What an outstanding boy he is-always trying to do what is right.  I love him very very much!

Summer with Tim...

For the past three summers, Tim has been traveling quite a bit to Japan, China, and various other places to present at conferences.  Well, last summer was hard, especially hard, so this summer we decided he would stay home mostly and it has been heaven!  I've enjoyed our time together thoroughly and don't want it to end!  School is starting in a couple of weeks, but I will always treasure the summer of 2014!

Our beautiful world...

I took this picture when we were out roller blading with Luke.  
It takes my breath away when I see God's creations in nature.  He made this for us!

Summer fun...

Eric & Mindy have come over quite a bit to visit with family who have visited us here in Utah this summer.  This is baby Jett feeding the chickens in the backyard.

Eric & Mindy's family and our family having dinner and Family Home Evening together.

I gave Amy a hair permanent this summer.  Sophie helped out.

This summer we have spent a lot of time roller blading with Luke.  It's great exercise for him (and us too)!

We enjoy being surrounded in the beauty of the earth God has given us!


July 24th Foam Day

Eric & Mindy took their kids and Amy to Lehi City's Foam Day held on July 24th.
This is Amy and Luci Jo.  She had a blast!

Uncle Rick's birthday and Mark's graduation party...


Shauna invited us over for a BBQ to celebrate Rick's birthday and Mark's graduation from BYU party.  Mark graduated in Food Science and will be married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple on Friday, October 3, 2014.  We are so excited for him we can't stand it.!!!  All of Rick and Shauna's kids were there.  It was great to catch up with them.  We had yummy pumpkin pie for the birthday cake!  Fun!