Tuesday, November 1, 2016


We missed our college kids this Halloween, but they sent us a picture of their awesome costumes...

Sure do miss them and are looking forward to having them closer to home!!!

I went to help out at Luke's class Halloween Party.  
He has a cute friend that really looks out for him...

The party was fun--we made these cool spider pencils and the kids played pumpkin bowling and then I went to lunch with Luke and we ran into Rosie and Amy.  Rosie had some spooky contacts in her eyes!

Rick, Kelsee and May came over at around 2:30 and we had lunch

 They were dressed up as characters from Monster's Inc.--AMAZING COSTUMES!!!

All my kids were here, but Brian and Chloe who will be moving here in December-hooray!

Moments with May

Discussing life around the table

Cutest "Boo" there ever was!

Love her! 

 May with her dad

Me and Todd (who will be leaving next week for Tokyo, Japan!)  I'm so excited for him!!!

Tim picked up his brother David and we had cider,  Papa John's Pizza, veggies, dip and we watched the movie, Frankenweinie and had about 50 Trick-or-Treaters come to the door in fantastic costumes.

I got to vote early last week 

Made this at the Fabulous Friday Relief Society Meeting

Happy Halloween 2016!!!