Sunday, June 18, 2017

Japanese treats, train trip to Clark Planetarium, .5 K race, Brian and Chloe visit Koganei, Picture of Elder Stout...

On one of my morning walks, I saw this eeery cloud over our house and had to snap a picture of it.  It looks like a UFO!  Tim was in Cincinnati this week grading AP tests, so Amy, Luke and I hopped in the car and drove to the Oriental Market for Family Home Evening.  We also got mochi and mochi ice cream-yum!

Here is a note from Tim about his week in Cincinnati... 

I've been staying at the 21C Museum Hotel. It's been nice, except for the random ear, nose, eyes etc on the shower tiles! A group of us went to the Cincinnati Art Museum on Thursday. I got a picture standing in front of a Van Gogh painting. There were lots of other wonderful pieces of art on display. After the museum we went to a Thai restaurant called Teak. We waited 2 hours for our food to come--people were beyond mad! But, it was free (College Board paid) and tasty so, oh well. 

Earlier in the week I took a walk down to the Ohio River before work. There was a rainbow and it was really pretty. I also went to the Underground Railroad Museum during lunch on Friday. It was impressive. Apparently, slavery was not legal in Ohio, but it was in Kentucky, across the river. So, if slaves could get across to the Ohio side of the river they would be free! That's probably why the museum was built on the Ohio side of the river. Either way, it was way interesting! 

Van Gogh painting...


We binged watched "This IS US," Amy had already seen it and I was curious to see what she watches, so we all snuggled on the couch under blankets and watched episode after episode til the season was over.  Luke got into it too.  It ended with a big cliff hanger and Amy and I agreed that it is much better to discover a series after eight or nine seasons than just after one season.  Luke kept asking to watch more, but it was over :(

Luke and I went roller blading several times (he roller blades while I walk)

On Friday night, we decided to take the train and visit the Chalk Arts Festival-only the drawings were  not quite finished.  Note to self for next year-GO ON SATURDAY when the art is done! So we had dinner at California Pizza and went through the Clark Planetarium.  
It was really neat!

They have many, many exhibits and it is FREE to go through!

Saturday morning was the annual .5 K race fund raiser

This was our second year to go and there were so many more people this year which is great!

We saw our neighbors there and had a nice visit

So much fun!

Brian and Chloe got to visit our old house in Japan and well as many favorite places (the American School in Japan, Nogawa Park, the Shrine with the bell Tower, the Cemetery, the Ramen shop) and they visited our landlady, Serizawa-san.  She is super nice and paints beautiful flowers.  This is a painting she did and gave us.  It hangs in our home.

We got this fun picture of Todd from someone who was visiting Japan and is probably related to us because her last name is "Flake."

Monday, June 12, 2017

Amy, S mores, Temple, Korea, Japan.....

Tim got a new self propelled lawn mower and sold our old one.  He has been showing Luke how to mow the lawn.  He also got an awesome stationary bike so he can get a little exercise in while still getting work done.  He started working on a new business in making animated lessons for learning Chinese Characters. The clips have turned out amazing!  

Amy started Cosmetology School, and decided it wasn't for her and withdrew.  It was just too much (9:30 am-5:45 pm schedule each day) since she also has several high school classes to take and she would have had to miss girl's camp, youth conference, several reunions, etc... We are realized more and more each day that this is a better path for her.  

Brian and Chloe are enjoying their time in Japan

Brian had to retake the ACT exam to try for a better score so he could qualify for some goals he is working on and all the ACT test sites in Japan were full.  He found openings in South Korea, so over the weekend, he flew to Seoul, stayed overnight in a hotel, got up early the next morning and took the exam, went to the Seoul Temple, back to the airport and flew back to Japan.  Whew, and it all went smoothly!  We are grateful!

He met many interesting people along the way and even had an opportunity to use his Russian! 

These two are doing some great things and we are so proud of them!

We went to Walmart and Luke saw a s'mores display.  He said, "Crackers, marshmallows, chocolate." We picked some up, brought it home, made a small fire in the sandbox and roasted the marshmallows for s'mores.  He loved them!

Amy took the train up to see her friend Brielle and she stayed over night.  They went out to dinner and had fun catching up. On Sunday she helped out at the Developmental Center.

Luke went skating

Tim and I went to the temple

 Luke had swimming.  His teacher is pregnant so he probably wont have lessons too much longer, but he has had the same teacher for three or four years now and she has been so fabulous.  We love her!

I woke up with a bruised foot and spent all day Saturday propping it up and reading a book, "Thank You for being Late," by Thomas Friedman.  It is so good!  And Tim was sweet to get me these gorgeous flowers just because 💗💗💗💓💓 I love him very much!

 I took him to the airport for his trip to Cincinnati for work.  His hotel is in a museum and his room even has items from the museum.  Check out the nose in the shower, and there was also an ear.  Kind of creepy-ha!