Sunday, March 6, 2016

Vacation 2016
 March 2-5
Huntington Beach, California

We left home Wednesday night at around 9:00 pm and drove all night to California, and had breakfast at a place about 2 hours from our destination.  The park opened at 10:00 am and we made out way to a train that took us into the park.  We put our phone number on Luke just in case he got lost.  

We headed right over to Tomorrowland and got fast passes to Hyperspace Mountain.  Then we got on the Buzz Lightyear ride (it had a short line).  Luke enjoyed looking at the tiny yellow butterflies that were zooming around the flowers on the way into the ride. Buzz Lightyear was a kind of ride/game where you were able to shoot targets and get points.  
Amy got the highest score!

Next, we headed over to the Indiana Jones ride.  The walk through to the ride was amazing with lots of special atmosphere, and an old-time reel to reel black and white movie.

Next was Pirates of the Caribbean where we got a bit wet!

Next we went on the Winnie-the Pooh ride

Bathroom Break!

Splash Mountain!
Where we got very wet!
So much fun!

Next we used our fast passes at Hyperspace Mountain and then we ate lunch at Tomorrowland

We caught a few minutes of the 3:00 parade and then headed over to Big Thunder Mountain RailRoad...

Amy really wanted to ride the Matterhorn so we rode that one next...

Mom was able to persuade everyone to go through Small World next.  Amy found a lovely buffalo bush (buffalos are her favorite)!

After that we were all definitely tuckered out so we each got a Dole pineapple whip and waited for the bird show in the Tiki room to start...

It was the perfect little break!

The show was darling!

Next we used our fast passes on Star Tours which was so much fun!
Next we went over to Toontown and caught Gagett's Go Coaster.
By that time it was pretty dark so we found a great spot to watch the electric parade of colors.  It was fabulous-everyone LOVED it!  Next was the fireworks show which featured Tinkerbell and some terrific music.  We had dinner outside the park at Yoshinoya.  Everyone enjoyed Beef Bowl, and then we headed over to our hotel which was located about 2 miles from Disneyland.

The next morning was March 4th which marked the one year anniversary of our sweet Grandma Kay Stout passing away.  We were grateful to be together as a family on this day.  We miss her very much!  We had a nice breakfast together at Denney's.

Grandpa Wendell Stout lived 1 mile from Disneyland on Ivanhoe Street, so we went over to see the old house where he and Grandma Dale lived for 40 years.

Next, we went to Huntington Beach

We flew kites!
Tim, Amy, and Luke went body surfing in the waves

Brian had some homework for his online classes at BYU-I

We found a fun Mexican Restaurant that was close to our hotel

There were many beautiful flowers in California and some very interesting trees!

That night we went looking around at Downtown Disney and we watched Zootopia!

The next morning we stopped by Denney's again for breakfast and all of us ordered pretty much the same thing since we had enjoyed it so much the morning before!

We headed for home and arrived at around 10:30 pm.  It was a fast, but wonderful trip and we all agreed that we have to do it again next year.  SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!