Monday, May 2, 2016


Amy went to prom!  She had a fun day date at Provo Beach, then they went out to dinner at the Harvest Restaurant, then to Prom at the State Capitol building and then to Denney's for a midnight snack.  She had a fabulous time!

Off they go!

Luke had orientation for his new high school that he will attend next year.  It's going to be so nice--two large classrooms, one with a big window, two separate bathrooms, a kitchen, and shower!

We played a few games and had lunch at the high school

We watched Mindy & Eric's kids Monday and Saturday.  Mindy helped amy get ready for prom

Took Luke on several roller blading outings

Todd continues to practice the piano--SOUNDS AWESOME!!!

May Kelly cutie Pie came over on Wednesday

Brian had a great week at BYUI