Monday, February 23, 2015

Babysitting and Baby Showers!!!

Todd was ordained to the office of Elder at Grandma Stout's house on Sunday.  The Stake High Councilman, Brother Rollins, came to the house in Orem so that Grandma Stout could be there. Grandma Shaffer was there too which was extra nice! Rick, Shauna, and John came and Cousins Jill and Kim came from Boise to see Grandma Stout, and were there! It was a neat day!

Later that night, we drove down to Bryce Canyon and checked in to a hotel called "Ruby's Inn" located close to the entrance of the canyon.  The next morning was President's Day so there was no school or work.  We had breakfast at a restaurant and Luke went swimming while Todd and Amy went to check out the cute souvenir shops.  We entered the canyon and went on a short hike.  Got some gorgeous photos of the hooloos. On the way back, we went on a tour of Cove Fort. It was a wonderful trip! 

We stayed in the Antelope Lodge

I spent Tuesday and Thursday at Grandma Stout's helping her and Grandma Shaffer.  They are both amazing women-both elegant ladies and so kind!  Megan's shower was on Friday.  She got lots of cute baby boy clothes.  Kelsee's shower was the next day.  We played some fun get to know you games.  Kelsee's favorite toy when she was little was a lamb chops doll.  Amy had picked out a cute lamb toy for the baby!  It was awesome!  We had a great time and I enjoyed visiting with Kelsee's mother. When they left, Grandma Stout got up, and walked out on the porch to say "good-bye"  I said , "It's snowing you should probably stay in," and she said , "Oh, no, this is what I like to do!" I think it is the last time she got up and walked before she passed away. I drove past their old house in West Lehi tonight after dropping off the Choate Kids and remembered how Grandpa and Grandma would always come to the back door to wave goodbye- great memories of those two!!!

We watched Mindy and Eric's kids Friday, Saturday and Sunday while Mindy and Eric went on a trip to Idaho.  Tim took them to get ice cream while I was at the shower.  They loved it! They did well in church today.  I drove them home at around 8:00 pm.  I think they had a fabulous time.


For Valentines Day, Tim got me roses and I made him breakfast in bed.  We were planning on going to a Valentines Dance, but got tuckered out by the end of the day and went to bed early.  It was glorious, we both slept in until 7:00 am which rarely happens. We didn't have to attend 7:00 am meetings like we usually do on Sundays :)

Our old dishwasher broke and it had a layer of gross film in it so we decided it was time to buy a new one.  Tim found a good one at RC Willy and it was installed on Monday.  The man who installed it also has a boy with autism who is about the same age as Luke and we had fun sharing stories about our cute kids.

 Friday night your dad, Luke and I went to put Grandma Stout and Grandma Shaffer to bed.  Aunt Barbara was there.  She came to Utah to attend the Roots Tech Convention (Family History) with Aunt Shauna.  They were telling us all about it.  This year they had 22,000 people attend.  I would love to go some time when things settle down.

I went to take care of Grandma Stout on Thursday.  Wendy was there and we all had a nice visit.  Grandma Shaffer put some exfoliate soap on her face and left it overnight thinking that it was moisturizing cream and it burned her skin.  We figured out what it was and it is starting to heal now.  Todd went to the dentist and he has no cavities!  That was the last step he had to do for his mission application so it should be sent in soon and we will know where he is going in a couple of weeks!  He is so excited!

I thought this was a cute picture of Todd carrying his sister's backpack.  
They have become good friends this year!

Wednesday was Father's Day at Waterford and Tim took Todd and Amy out to eat at the Training Table restaurant.  They had onion rings, fries and chicken sandwiches there.

Saturday I went to get Grandma Shaffer and Grandma Stout up.  The door was locked and I couldn't get in.  Wendy and Allen came and I went to Lowes and made three copies of the key.  Cousins Jill and Kim came to see Grandma Stout from Boise.  They will be here until Monday.  We had a nice visit.  Grandma Stout is starting to give away some of her things which is rather sad for all of us.  She is doing pretty well right now.  Her oxygen is a little low so she wears oxygen tubes throughout the day now, but her blood pressure etc.. look great.

Amy and I went shopping for several big events that are coming up.  Amy is going to a birthday party for Tiffany Xu, so we got her a birthday gift, Megan is having a shower at Grandma Stout's on Friday so we got some cute outfits for her baby boy, Alyssa is turning sweet 16 so we got her a necklace, and Kelsee is having a shower on Saturday at Grandma Stout's so we got several fun things for Kelsee, and the baby.  They don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl yet.  We will let you know when we find out. 
We are also going to Bryce Canyon, so we got some snacks to take for the trip.

I took Luke to the Special Needs Valentines Dance in Saratoga Springs, but he was having a hard time and wouldn't even get out of the car.  We will try again another time.