Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and letters from Brian...

This week I joined the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP).  They meet once a week over at the church and have a luncheon and tell pioneer history stories.  We have several ancestors who were pioneers.  I chose Jeremiah Bingham.  He is related to us through Grandma Petersen.  Her father was Henry Oyler, His mother was Minerva Jane Bingham, and her father was Jeremiah Bingham.  He knew the prophet Joseph Smith.  They were just six months apart in age and were about the same size so they would wrestle with each other.  Jeremiah Bingham was Joseph Smith's body guard at one point.  He was in Nauvoo at the time of the Martyrdom. Grandpa Choate found the location of his homestead in Nauvoo.  He left Nauvoo and went to Ogden and was called on a mission to Ft. Bridger, Wyoming.  He later settled in Payson, UT and that is where he was buried.  Amazing!

This is what I found on the internet:

Jeremiah Bingham Jr. 1806-1890

Jeremiah was the youngest of 10 children. After the Revolutionary War, his parents were unable to support their large family so some of the children were "bound out," as it was called. Jeremiah was bound out to a man who was very unkind to him. He remained there until he could no longer tolerate the abuse and he ran away. He went to live with one of his brothers. After joining the Church, he married Abigail Harrington. She had six children but only two of them lived. He was a close friend of the Prophet, being about the same age. They both enjoyed wrestling together. When the saints left Nauvoo, Jeremiah and his family left too. His first wife had died so he married again in Iowa. She died after the birth of their fourth child. He later married Susan, a sister to Sarah. Jeremiah was a blacksmith by trade and each night on the trip west, he would repair the wagons and do other blacksmithing jobs. After arriving in Utah , they settled first in Ogden, then a year later moved south to Payson where he assisted in building the fort. In 1856 he was called on a mission to help settle Fort Bridger, Wyoming. They stayed there until Johnston's Army came, at which time they returned to Payson. Shortly before their return to Payson, Alexander Keele, a brother-in-law of Jeremiah, had been killed by the Indians, leaving a small family. When Jeremiah arrived in Payson, the bishop asked him to marry the widow, Minerva, and support her and her children. He lived a long active life, helping others and the church.

I'm excited to learn more about our outstanding ancestors!

Jared Choate flew in on Thursday morning and I picked him up at the airport.  We had a tough time getting his car jump started, but we finally got it going!  Jared's girlfriend, Taylor visited Oklahoma and met practically most of the family.  

Eric & Mindy came over for dinner and then Eric, your dad, and Jared went to the school and played basketball for a long time.  Good exercise!  Jared spent the night and left early Friday morning.  He was planning on meeting with Taylor's parents to get permission to propose and then he plans to propose next week!  Just texted him and her parents said they could get married but have to wait until July.  He is bummed about that, but both he and Taylor will graduate in July, so that would be nice to be over that hurdle!

Jared Choate

We got Mark and Emily's invitation.  They are getting married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple on Friday, October 3rd, then we are going to a luncheon at Los Hermanos in Lindon, and then the reception is that night at Wadley Farms in Lindon.
Mark Stout
Mark & Emily De Kam (soon to be Stout!)

I painted most of the laundry room:

Todd got his senior pictures back from Rachel.  They turned out fabulous!

Update on Rick:  He got the staples taken out from his gall bladder surgery and he is back to work.  Still in Logan, UT.   

We went to Stake Conference.  It was a broadcast.  Elder Russel M. Nelson and Elder Richard G. Scott both spoke.   The Saturday Evening Adult Session was also great.  The Wainwrights spoke and President Raines.  He said the reason we have trials is to stretch us and make us grow so we should look at adversity as an opportunity to learn and expand our understanding. He said when things get tough to turn to the Lord (not away from him) and we will become better. It was exactly what I needed!   Sooooo goood!

From Brian:

September 8, 2014

This has been a great week. While we were in L'viv for transfers, we contacted a man, who decided to get baptized the next day! Also in L'viv, I went with an old companion, to an old investigator's place and started teaching him again. I had not seen that investigator for 4 months. Then we went to Uzhorod and got to work! We have mainly been cleaning the apartment, but we also managed to get a couple lessons in with the 2 investigators that want to get baptised. We would really like some prayers so that their parents will allow them to be baptized. Also, one of the 2 members that came to church this week had not been to church for 2 months, but decided to come yesterday! What a miracle! The testimonies of the members and investigators has strengthened mine so much since I have been here. I know that there is a loving God that is the source of these miracles. I love this work, and cannot be happy without it. I also know and give thanks to the true source of these miracles, which is Jesus Christ, through whom we can reach the greatest miracle and happiness - eternal life with all of God's family.
Questions: How do you like your New area?
A: The people are so very receptive to our message, and Uzhorod is like Japan! There is a big river right in the middle, and in the spring, there are cherry blossoms on both sides of the river!
Q: How big is the branch there?
A: this last Sunday, 2 members came, one investigator, and 6 missionaries. My companion is the group leader, and I am the district leader. The 2 members that came were grandmas. We just taught our investigator during second hour, and he went home after that. Also, we had fast and testimony meeting, and everybody gave their testimony except for our investigator.
Q: Is the town big or small?
A:The town is medium-small, in Ukrainian sizes. It is probobly 3 miles in diameter. and there are probobly around 100,000 people living there.
Q: What is your apartment like?
A: Super fancy, but so so dirty, we spent the spare time in the last 2 days cleaning it, and it is probobly half way done. We just finished the dishes this morning. But really, it will be the greatest missionary apartment when were done. I'll send a package home with pictures.
Q: Where is your companion from?
A: Sacremento California.
Q: How is your new area?
A: Great! We live 40 minutes from the church, so we get a lot of contacting in! and there are 2 kids who are getting baptised in 2 weeks, and we have 2 investigators who want to get baptized.
Q: Does it feel more European?
A: Definetly does not look Russian. Here, there are really wide streets
Q: What is the unit like there, is it a ward or a branch?
A: group.
Q: Is it cool to be with your companion from the MTC again?
A: YES! We have a ton of the same ideas about missionary work, so that is a great start.

I love all of you so much! Thank you for your love and support!

September 15, 2013

We had a very busy week this week! 2 boys were baptized! So, this Sunday was a little bit better than last Sunday. 16 people came. At one point, my companion was teaching the 6 boys in the doorway of the young men's room, and I was sitting in the entrance of the sacrament hall (so that we could see each other) while translating for one of our investigators in the other class. One of my favorite moments during church, was right after the 2 boys were confirmed, they started walking over to the sacrament table and were asking what they should do to help administer the sacrament. I admire their example of how they were just looking for ways to magnify their calling.   And through out the rest of the day they were trying to figure out what sins they could not do anymore, and how much they needed to read from the Book of Mormon everyday. They are an example to me of fulfilling the baptismal covenant.

Dad's question's:

Q: Where do you meet for church?
A: in an apartment office place right next to a restaurant.
Q: Where do you do finding?
A: Area book, contacting, and referrals.
Q: Are you able to still have English class and sports day?
A: English is like normal. About 20 boys go to sports day, and we just go crazy on the basketball court.
Q: Do the members in Ukraine like doing family history?
A: Not very much.
Q: Are there many colleges in your current city?
A: Tons. Ukraine is a very collegy place.
Q: How is your health?
A: Doing amazing!

I love all of you! Thank you for your support!