Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Tim gave me a dozen red roses for Valentines Day and I made him breakfast in bed and gave him a card.  Tim is so sweet-I can't remember a single birthday, Valentines Day, Easter, Mother's Day, or anniversary where he didn't give me beautiful flowers and we will be married 25 years this May 18th!  That's a lot of beautiful flowers.  He is thoughtful and I'm very blessed to be his wife!  
We took Todd and Luke to see The Good Dinosaur and then went to Cold Stone for ice cream afterwards.
Feb 8th was my parent's 52 wedding anniversary!  Jimmy built them a little deck for the back of the house.

Brian continues to write and call us every week!  He's doing great!!!

We figured out how the white chicken keeps getting out--she flies out the top!
Tim found a random egg outside of the coop.

David had his weight loss surgery and it went pretty well.

We visited him up at the hospital.  Wendy also was in the hospital for a kidney infection.

David was also having trouble with his kidneys after surgery, so he stayed in the hospital for a few days.

Tim found gas up at Costco in Sandy for $1.55/gal!!!

Todd has been doing lots of work around the house.  
He replaced a couple of shower heads, fixed the tub drain, and replaced all the outside lights!

The lights are LED and they come on and turn off automatically now.  It is wonderful!!!

Amy asked Dallin to sweethearts and they went with a group to lunch, skating, dinner at Wild Zucchini, and then the high school sweethearts dance.

Amy and Sophie.

The Rosenbalms are moving to Kuwait this week.  We are sad to see them go (they are an awesome family), but are excited for them to get to have this new adventure.  They are our very dear friends and hopefully we can keep in touch with them!