Sunday, March 12, 2017

This was the second week of Tim's Spring Break at Waterford.  

Everyone else had school and work, so we stole away a few minutes here and there to do some fun things, but mostly Tim got caught up with work related work and he got in a six month dentist appointment (no cavities)!

The weather was gorgeous!  It warmed up to the mid-sixties which felt like heaven!

The end of the term is coming up for Amy and Luke.  
Amy worked hard to get caught up on her Japanese, Math, English, and Physics!
She went with some friends to the Mt. Timpanogos temple early Wednesday morning to do baptisms.
Friday night she hung out with some girls from our ward.

Luke had bowling this week.  He continues to improve.  He also had special Needs Mutual on Thursday.

We watched cutie pie May Kelly and she charmed us with her sweetness.  We love her so much!

I did a bit of Spring Cleaning this week, starting on windows.  
It feels so good to open them up and let the fresh spring air in!

Hooray for spring!