Sunday, February 28, 2016

Baby May

Rick and Kelsee went on a date and I watched May Kelly for a couple of ours.  The next Sunday, we were sitting in church during Sacrament time and the phone rang at the exact moment that I was praying for Rick, Kelsee, and baby May (the phone was on vibrate-whew!), it was Rick asking if we could watch May Kelly on Monday night-family night.  Great opportunity for her to learn the Stout family night song!  Tonight, tonight, I'll wear a smile so bright!  I'll watch, I'll learn, I'll sing and pray, tonight is family night.  And then we always sing it in Japanese.  Part of our family culture.

Waterford had a Founder's Gala to raise money for the school.  The theme was "Boots & Bling," so of course we had to gather up some western wear.  I got new boots.  First pair I've ever owned despite being raised on a ranch, and I must say, they are rather comfortable!  Tim got a nice cowboy hat.  We had a great time.  Someone brought a pet dog to the auction to donate and they bought it back for $14,500.00!  I think the school ended up doing quite well which was a blessing!

On Friday the 26th, Tim and I, Amy and Luke went to the Provo City Center Temple open house.  It was packed!  We had a wonderful experience seeing all the beautiful details.  It really is lovely!

We went to get some frozen yogurt afterwards.  Luke has been requesting frozen yogurt ever since (we don't want to get that habit started up again!)

The outside is just as beautiful!

I ran into an old friend from Luke's pre-school days at Giant Steps.  Her name is Nancy and she was the one who nominated me for the Utah State Office of Education Special Education Advisory Panel which I ended up being on for 5 or 6 years.  It was fun to see her again!