Sunday, June 4, 2017

Memorial Day, Todd's birthday...

Memorial Day was beautiful.  Also, we found out that there is a brand new Veteran's Memorial Cemetery very close to the ranch in Seminole and we are looking into it as a possibility for my parents to be buried there since Dad retired from the Air force with 30 years in the military.  Grateful for him and my mom and their service to our country!

Heidi took this picture of our family at David's birthday party

David turned 39 this year-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

We hiked to Donut Falls in Big cottonwood Canyon, although we didn't quite find the Falls.  It was longer that we thought and we decided to turn around.  But we did see a baby moose and a deer on the hike.  It was a beautiful area and we plan to go again for a date sometime soon.

Our kids are growing too fast - Please Stop!

Amy and I attended a baby shower for Christie who is expecting a boy in a month!

Todd's birthday was this week and he is in his new area. 
Here are a few baby pics of him...

What a cute kid he is-LOVE HIM!!!