Monday, November 14, 2016

Todd is a missionary...

Todd got a pretty exiting text from President Raines saying that he would be serving in the Tokyo Mission with President Nagano.  To say he was elated was an understatement!
We started getting together the things he would need for his mission.

Brian and Chloe decided to come on down to say goodbye 
so we had a little Thanksgiving dinner and gingerbread house making party with Todd.

And of course Luke has his thin whole wheat spaghetti noodles 
with extra virgin olive oil and low sodium Kikoman soy sauce


Rolls Stuffing
Green Salad with pomegranates, cucumbers and almonds

Rick, May Kelly, and Kelsee

Todd and Amy
Spencer (Billy and Susan's third son) came to stay with us the end of the summer and is now working and getting ready to enter the Police Academy!

May Kelly helped me make the icing.  She wore her cute panda shoes to Thanksgiving dinner!

Brian and Chloe came down to say goodbye to Todd

They stayed til Sunday after dinner, and then they went back to Rexburg.  So happy we get to pick them up in a month for their move to Provo.  It will be nice to have them much closer!

Then we went to church for the Young Women in Excellence program.  Amy gave an amazing talk and then we got to see all the personal progress displays.

Next day...

I picked Amy up from school for a lunch date at Cafe Rio-FUN!!!

On Thursday night, Todd got set apart for his mission.  It was an amazing blessing, and then the miracles started to pour on us like a waterfall.  I am so grateful for this time in our lives.  
It really is the BEST!

The next morning we got up bright and early and went to Denney's for breakfast.  Then it was off to the airport for Todd's flight to Japan!

When we came home, our neighbors, the Morgans brought over mint chocolate chip and vanilla ice cream (BYU ice cream) and some hot fudge sauce because they knew we would be missing Todd.  That was so amazing-we have fantastic neighbors-sure do appreciate them!

Tim took Luke roller blading

We watched May Kelly while Rick and Kelsee went to get some exercise.  
That baby boy will be arriving shortly! 

We woke up on November 13th which was Grandpa and Grandma Stout's anniversary and found out that Todd and John are going to be companions in Japan!  
This is from Tim:

Today (Nov. 13) is Mom and Dad Stout's 57th anniversary. They served in the Japan Kobe Mission from 1977 to 1980, and had a very special place in their hearts for the wonderful people of Japan. Shortly before Mom passed, she said to us, "Todd and John will go to Japan." Today we received word from President Nagano that Elder Todd Stout arrived safely yesterday, and that he will be off to Sanjo, Niigata to serve with his companion, Elder John Stout (cousin)!! We are feeling so blessed, and know that Mom and Dad can't be far away on a day like this!

This is from Aunt Shauna (John's mom):

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for a loving Heavenly Father who brightens our lives with tender mercies and evidence that he knows us and loves us. These two cousins have been best friends their whole lives and have dreamed of serving as missionaries together in Japan. Yesterday we learned that they have been made companions in Sanjo, Japan! Needless to say, there has been much rejoicing!

I have been waking up in the morning and the first thing that pops into my head is that Todd and John are companions in Japan.  It is such a wonderful blessing and makes me so so happy I can hardly stand it!

Also, I want to remember that Grandma Shaffer sent Todd some money, called him and has kept him in her prayers,  Grandpa and Grandma Choate called him too, and a wonderful family in the ward gave some money for his mission.  Amy received a tender mercy by way of a song they both liked.  Music is so powerful!  Many many miracles have happened and we are grateful for the closeness we feel to our Father in Heaven for his love.