Monday, July 10, 2017

4th of July, Baby Blessing, John comes home, Amy's new car...

We took Luke skating around the Highland Glen Pond and on the way back were able to enjoy all the fireworks going off by those so excited for celebrating the upcoming Independence Day Holiday...

We got up at the crack of dawn and high tailed it down to Provo to "hike the Y for the 4th of July"

It was perfect timing, the balloons were released just before 7:00 am.  We had already reached the Y by about that time and had a glorious show of about 20 hot air balloons being launched from down below.

We picked up Uncle David and brought him back for a day of binge watching the Flash.  Tim made hamburgers and brats, yakisoba and girl scout mint brownies.

Then we headed to Thanksgiving Point to enjoy the fireworks

They were spectacular as always!

Baby Evelyn was blessed and we went down for the blessing and luncheon

Amber showed me the lovely drawings she has been doing for the children's book I wrote about 20 years ago and I must say, they are exceptional.  I am so excited!

We took Rick out to dinner for his birthday and got to spend the evening with these two cuties...

Eric and Mindy bought  a new van and gave Amy their sedan.  It is an automatic and she is over the moon excited to have her own wheels!

John came home from Tokyo safe and sound and gave an outstanding homecoming talk.  

Tim fixed the porch fencing that badly needed repairs and fixed two lights in the garage.  
We painted the other side of the garage and it is coming together nicely.

Brian and Chloe visited Tokyo Disney Sea!