Sunday, August 23, 2015

Two more rooms painted!

Two more rooms are painted in our quest to paint the whole house.  We finished Brian's room and the downstairs bathroom just in time to have our friend from Japan, Brian S. and his friend, Yuzu stay with us for a week, and then my sister, Linda and her husband Darrell came for Education Week.  We had a nice visit with them!

We moved the bunk bed into Amy's new room and Todd's old bed into Brian's room.

It looks completely different!

Then we remodeled the downstairs bathroom.  I wanted to make it super light since it is in the basement, so we painted the bathroom cupboard white, and I painted the grout in the tile a light linen color and added several cheery pictures with bright yellow frames.  I even painted the bathroom tiles a bright white with a wonderful product called, "Grout Renew," and redid all of the bathroom calking.  It looks much better and I can't wait to do the upstairs bathroom!

Two cheery quotes to bless your day!

This quote is about having a house of order (always a good reminder)