Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference Weekend!

On Friday night, Brian was coming down from BYU-I to go to his mission reunion at 6:00 pm in Sandy. He forgot his white shirt, so Tim, Luke and I decided to drive it up to him because he was running late. We had planned to go see Saturday's Warrior at 7:10 pm and after meeting Brian (and giving him the shirt) we headed back, but traffic was horrific so we called Todd and Amy to have them meet us at the theater at Thanksgiving Point. The movie was so good. I highly recommend it! Tim and I cried through the whole thing because the main character reminded us so much of our own oldest son. At any rate, when we came out of the theater several of the cast members were there! They were super nice and we took a picture with them. It was awesome!

April Fool's Day-Tim and I did the toilet trick on the kids and at work, the staff pulled a good one on the library director by "ordering" 16 large pizza's and delivering the bill to the library! Ha!

Waterford campus is so gorgeous!!! 

Amy and I went shopping for prom dresses and almost settled on making a dress, until she found one online for $44.00 and it had a 48% off coupon to boot.  Can't beat that price, so we bought the one online in a size 6 and are hoping it fits well when it arrives in hopefully a couple of weeks!

LaNae went to a baby shower and one of the gifts was a "baby" made out of a pack of diapers with a onesie on it, pants with two blankets rolled up for the legs, a jacket put over it and a balloon for the face!  
Soooooo cute!!! 

The next morning we had our Easter celebrations.  Rick, Kelsee and May came over and we had Easter baskets and an Easter egg hunt.  Then we decorated eggs and had a big breakfast.  We watched Conference which was so good!  Then we had shish kabobs for lunch.  We watched the afternoon session and they announced four new temples in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Zimbabwe.  The boys went to Priesthood and Amy and I went to Trader Joe's in Salt Lake! Amy drove, and we found some yummy Mochi strawberry ice cream, basil and gingerbread cookie peanut butter, ravioli, and other fun things!

The next day, Rick, Kelsee and May came over for breakfast.  Tim picked up David and we watched Sunday Conference.  The Choate's came over for dinner.

It was a gorgeous weekend-SPRING is here!!!