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I loved this book.  Great tips for organizing everything in your home by first, weeding.  Hold each item and ask yourself, "Does this bring me joy?"  If it doesn't, take it to the DI so that it can bring someone else joy.  Also she explains a great way to fold socks and other clothing items and she gives fabulous tips on how to store things.  She recommends organizing by category.  I tried this with our clothes and it worked like a charm! I am now slowly going through everything in the house using this method. If you follow her advice, you will not need to buy extra containers.  She says there is room for what you love already in your house as is.  Brilliant!

 The Waiting

I've recommended this book to friends and they all agree it is a page turner.  It is the true story of a woman who had to give up her daughter for adoption.  She reunites with her after 80 plus years! 
It is a very tender story of love and patience.

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A true experience of a neurosurgeon who gets lung cancer.  Makes you think deeply about our short time on this earth.  I highly recommend it!

LOVED this book that has many lessons on the importance of being kind.

Life lessons about having faith in God, working hard and getting through tough times with grit.

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