Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tim's spring break, May Kelly came over, Luke's first shave, Choate kids came over and we found 25 eggs under the house from Little Peep's winter stash!

Amy and I went to the Stake Girl's Camp Humanitarian Project

Luke had his very first full shave!

May Kelly came over on Tuesday and we had fun 

Enjoying her sweetness

We caught up with Rick and Kelsee when they came to pick her up

Went to Cherilou's wedding reception

The Choate kids came over and we found about 25 eggs that Little Peep laid under the house.  She can fly out of the top of the coop and she makes regular visits to deposit her eggs in a secret location.  But we found it and the Choate kids helped me get them out!  Caught up with Eric when he came to pick up the kids.  We are looking forward to Jaxon's Lion King play in two weeks!