Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tale of Princess Kaguya...

We went to the Broadway in Salt Lake to see the last movie that will be made in Studio Ghibli.  We found some yummy "Seaweed & Sesame" flavored popcorn.

The Deacons came over to our house to learn how to make gyoza.  Gyoza is fun to make with a crowd--there is a job for everyone!

Pork……………..1 pound
Water…………..1/2 cup
Olive oil………..1/4 cup
Soy Sauce……..1/2 cup
Salt……………….1/4 teaspoon
Cabbage……….1 cup
Onion……………1/2 cup
Gyoza Wraps… 100

            Mix all of the following in a bowl (except for the Gyoza Wraps) in the fallowing order. Then put the contents in the Gyoza wraps. Then put all of the Gyoza in the frying pan and cook until both sides are a light brown. Add some water, put the lid on to steam.

Wrecked car...

This week we got a brand new red rental car to use while our wrecked car is being fixed.  A dump truck hit Tim, Todd, and Amy from behind when they were on the freeway.

 Luke went to Special Needs Mutual.  They had a large group of youth there and they planned several amazing activities for the kids with Special Needs.  Luke met several kids from his school at Lehi Jr.  One of them was his A4 peer tutor.  He took Luke around to the various activities and was super good to him.  I'm so grateful for people like that!

On Saturday, I took Luke swimming Twice.  He loves it so much and it is great exercise.  It has gotten considerably colder here, so it is nice to have good indoor activities for him to do.

Amy went to a Stake dance with Brielle and Sophie.  They had a great time.  Tim and I went on a couple of dates.  One was to see The Tale of Princess Kaguya.  It is the last movie they will make in Studio Ghibli.  It was awesome.  We also went out to dinner at Zuppa's which was a lot of fun.  This week it will be the 24th anniversary of the day we met.  I will now have known him for as long as I lived before I met him (I was 24 when I met him!).  Big milestone.

Tim is very busy this time of the year helping with tithing settlement.  He will be going to San Antonio Texas to present at an AP Conference on Friday.  He returns next Sunday.