Sunday, June 12, 2016

First week of summer break...

Amy went with us to go walking on the Murdock Trail.  
Luke loves to roller blade and we walk.  It was a gorgeous, somewhat warm week.

Amy made German Pancakes with strawberries and buttermilk syrup-yum!

Tim worked this week grading the AP Japanese Exams

His group was in charge of grading text chats

Machiko and Tim have known each other for 20 years now!

We finally finished painting the downstairs and were able to load up the new shelves with wonderful books.

Mostly from Tim's parents collection 

Luke went to swim lessons with Kaylee

He's learning several different strokes

Amy made her famous German Pancakes for our FHE treat

And we went to Herriman Reservoir for the first time for an activity

It is an amazing place and we are thinking of coming here for the Choate reunion

It has sandy beaches

Luke and Amy had fun swimming

LaNae helped with the Road Rally activity for the library

She helped at the Railroad Crossing area

We went to Breanna's bridal shower at the Arnoldsen's and had fun visiting and catching up with Heidi's family

Tim went to Temple square while he was up in Salt Lake for the AP Reading

We went on several fun walks

Luke roller blades while the rest of us walk

Amy road the train up to Bountiful to see Brielle and to attend her dad's wedding

Luke had fun playing in the back yard on the zip line