Sunday, January 24, 2016

Luke's birthday week...

Tim took Luke swimming with the deacon's quorum on Tuesday night to commemorate that he is advancing to the teacher's quorum and as a final send off.  He had a blast!

Brian got a promotion of sorts at work and he will now actually get to build log homes in Idaho!
That will be good experience!

Luke got a fun birthday card and some money from Grandpa and Grandma Choate!

So nice of them!

Luke woke up to birthday breakfast in bed and presents...

We were watching the Choate kids this weekend while Mindy who is the Young Women's President, and Eric, went to scope out a lodge that their ward will be using for Girl's Camp this summer.  We made Valentines cookies, took a bubble bath in the big tub, and watched a movie on Friday night.

On Saturday, we sang the happy birthday song to Luke and he opened presents.

I had Stake Women's Conference, so Tim and Amy took all the kids sledding at Hunter park

Unfortunately the soft snow had kind of compacted a bit and 

turned icy...

Miss Lexi

Luci got in an accident and cut her chin and had to get about 10 stitches :(

Fortunately, she is doing much better now.  We played bubbles with Luke and watched a movie.  New powder has come down from the skies today and we will probably take Luke sledding tomorrow night for his birthday.  He loves sledding so much!