Saturday, April 29, 2017

Prom 2017

I went to lunch with Nori and we had a fantasticly fun time catching up!
She brought us many fun treats from Japan...

Jett had a birthday this week and he is now FIVE!

Lexi loved the cookies Amy made...

Luci Jo, Josh and Jaxon

Went to the Autism Council of Utah's annual meeting 

Luke had a field trip at Courage Reins

They have 17 horses there and several Norwegian Fjords-beautiful!

They are the same kind of horse as was on the movie, "Frozen!"

Amy went to PROM this week.  It was at the State Capitol Building.

They went to dinner at Toscanos and got to ride in a limo...

The day-date was to a trampoline place.  She went with a fun group and had a blast!

Yes-our lilac tree has blossoms all over (I finally figured out not to prune it)!

Morning walks...

Todd and John-still serving together!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Luke went to his first Special Needs Prom...

They had a live band and he really seemed to enjoy the evening

Luke also started speech therapy again

And he went to swimming lessons this week

It's great exercise...

He also went roller blading a few times with his dad

Amy and LaNae found 15 family names that need temple work!