Sunday, February 18, 2018

Visits to family, Valentines Day, second piano bench, kindness...

For Family Home Evening, we made valentines cookies with cream cheese frosting and took them to extended family.  First we visited Prigmores and had a blast catching up with them!  Next, we visited Uncle David.  Tim and Amy went in to see him while LaNae sat in the car with Luke because Luke is having loud yelling issues right now ;).  Next we went to Arnoldsens.  Wendy is seeing a new doctor and her health is much improved and for that, we are grateful.  Amber has an art show  coming up at BYU and we plan to see it soon.  It was awesome to connect with family and we really should do it more often!

Taken from Heidi's newsletter:

Valentines Day was on a Wednesday this year.  Tim got LaNae roses and this Valentines Bear and LaNae got Tim a gray down comforter.  We had a nice, much needed quiet evening at home and went to see Black Panther a few days later to celebrate. Tim got the kids some valentines candy and cards. 

Blake got Amy these roses and Cadbury chocolate (her favorite) which was so nice!

This cute boy has been struggling with yelling.  We took him for a walk on the Murdock Trail and our neighbor was out training for a half marathon and said she heard Luke-ha!  We get so much support from the ward.  Bishop Huff got this fidget toy for Luke to help him in church.  So very nice of him to care about our boy!

 Rick and Brian have been working diligently on their woodworking business.  They finished this second piano bench and it turned out amazing!  We got to see the grandkids several times this week (which is always a treat!).  We had fun visiting with Chloe as she helped out with watching the kids.  LaNae and Chloe started binge watching Victoria-so fun!

LaNae, Luke and Tim out for walks on the Murdock Trail!

We went out for frozen yogurt several times this week, but have decided to turn over a new leaf and go off of sugar.  We plan to take a trip to the beach in California if we can be diligent for a month.  Wish us luck!