Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Todd was transferred to Maebashi - shi and Sister Uchida sent me this picture!
He has a new mission president

This year for the Fourth of July, Brian and Chloe came over and we had a big breakfast.  Tim just got back from China the night before and he was on some serious jet lag.  He took a six hour nap after breakfast, and then we went to Thanksgiving Point for the fireworks show.  It was amazing as usual!!!

Amy and Tim crawled through the sun roof of the van

And Luke and I joined them later, right before the fireworks began.
Luke loved it!

On Saturday we went to Brandon Martini's wedding reception in Hyde Park.  Our friends the Herrmanns were there and they invited us to see their home that they built in Smithfield (about 15 minutes away).  Ed Herrmann was deployed to Israel for a year and we had fun seeing some neat things from that area.  They also lived in Hawaii for three years and (of course) JAPAN!!!  They are an awesome family and we sure enjoyed catching up with them!