Sunday, August 13, 2017

Grandma Choate's visit...

The Choate kids were over on Monday and we had fun with chalk drawings and Legos

 For Family Home Evening, we hiked Potato Hill in Draper 

  And had yummy shaved ice after!

Luke and I went to the Thanksgiving Point Flower Gardens on Tuesday

There is an exhibit with beautiful bronze statues of Christ 

I learn so much every time I see this

Luke loved it too

We spent some time watching the Koi

For Special Needs Mutual, the kids played water games

Thursday was Jaxon's birthday and we celebrated with cake and a present from Grandma Choate

Soon after Grandma Choate arrived, we took a 4 generation picture

 She arrived from Oklahoma on Wednesday night and we had fun visiting with Eric's family, Uncle Jerry and Aunt Joan, and Rick and Kelsee.  Sister Walker came over on Friday and they had fun visiting about their missions to England years ago.

Brian and Chloe brought back treats from Japan!
On Saturday, our ward had an emergency preparedness drill.  It was a pretend earthquake.  
We did pretty well with having 72 hour kits and with being prepared. Hooray!

Sunday was Jaxon's ordination to the office of deacon.  Many friends and family came out to support him.

 It was May and Lincoln's first time at church and they both were fabulous.

Brian and Chloe helped out with them and they are so great with kids!