Sunday, March 15, 2015


Mindy and Eric's family came to dinner last Sunday.  They brought us a green plant that looks like bamboo.  The next day, we received a beautiful blue bouquet of flowers from David and Amanda. Monday Luke was out of school and everyone else was on Spring Break so we all went to McDonald's for breakfast.  
It was relaxing and fun to get to visit and enjoy some time together.

On Wednesday, Tim and I went to see Allen Arnoldsen, Eilee and her Arnoldsen cousin sing in the Lamb of God.  It was held at a beautiful Catholic church this year.  The building had stained glass and paintings of Christ everywhere.  It was a nice setting for the music.  After the performance the lady in front of us turned around and told us that the conductor is her son!  You could tell she was bursting with pride.  It was cute!  The performance was amazing as always!

I also went to the Relief Society Birthday Dinner.  We were tying quilts for the Humanitarian Center.   They send them all over the world wherever they are needed in times of disaster.

We also finished painting Like's room and we started on Todd's room.  I hope we will have the house looking all spiffy by the time you get home.