Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hungry Hippo game , painting the house, Father's Day, and Miss May is born!

May was born on Monday morning at around 8:30 am on June 22nd.  She was 7 lbs. and 18 1/2 inches long.  Kelsee went into labor on Saturday night and after 36 hours, they had to do a c -section and then little May got water in her lungs so she was in the hospital until Friday.  On Saturday, Me, Tim, Todd, and Luke went up to Logan and saw her and got to hold her. She is a sweet baby and you can see Rick's heart melting over his adorable baby girl!  He is planning on teaching her Japanese so she will be bi-lingual.  He is reading to her every night.  It is cute. She has a strong loving spirit about her.

After Todd's farewell, Mindy was leaving with 4 of her kids to drive to Oklahoma by herself (Josh had to stay with Eric so he could go to summer school).  I got a bit nervous because their car was having some trouble.,  So I sent Amy to go with her.  Their transmission broke down in Laramie, Wyoming.  Fortunately, Mindy knew some people in the area and they stayed in Laramie for two nights.  Long story short, they got to Oklahoma ok and Amy has been having the time of her life hanging out with cousins.  She is going to fly home this Tuesday. 

Yesterday, my cousin Pam asked if I wanted to go with her to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple and then out to lunch.  My cousin Julie came too.  We did initiatories and then went to Kneaders for lunch and ended up talking for three hours.  It was a blast!  So much fun and we decided to do it again soon.

Kazuko Martini invited us to a welcome home party for their son, Brandon who just returned from a mission to Nagoya.  We saw the Ericksons there and visited for quite awhile.  I saw Nori Mason.  Jared is going into the MTC  this week (same as John).  He is going to San Francisco, CA.  So fun to see her again.  

This morning we went to John's farewell.  He did a great job on his talk.  Seems like he's all ready to go!  We will stop by the night before to wish him well.

Our Bishopric was released this morning (including Tim).  It was sad and happy all rolled up into one.  Tim learned so much having the opportunity to work closely with such great men, but now a lot of his time is freed up for helping Luke out more, etc.  

Rick, Kelsee, and Baby May Kelly

Amy having fun in Oklahoma!