Friday, April 24, 2015


Busy weekend for Todd.  He is going to TWO proms-one on Friday night at the State Capitol Building with a girl he met at work, and then he has the Waterford prom on Saturday, going with a good friend from school (same girl he went to preference with in the fall)!

Amy's first prom.  She is going with a group of friends since she can't date quite yet and Tim is going to chaperon at the dance. The Waterford prom was held at the Grand America hotel in SLC this year.

Luke went to Special Needs Mutual with his buddy Andrew.  He loves it and has a good time there!

Todd went with Laura to the Waterford Prom on Saturday

Amy with friends


Tim took Luke camping with the scouts at Little Sahara

It rained and rained but they had a good time-and we sure need the moisture!

Tim brought some glow sticks and balloons for Luke

Luke helped distribute fliers for the scouts

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Washington DC Trip

Tim and Todd went to Washington DC for the  the National Japan Bowl. Tim took six Japanese language students for the competition. They did well - the Level 2 team ranked 11 out of 23. Not bad for the first time. They also got to see some of the monuments and museums on Thursday, and the Sakura Festival on Saturday


Pennsylvania Avenue

Tim's students

Taiko concert

In front of Japan Bowl Headquarters

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument

Meanwhile, back at home:

Amy and Rosie playing with make-up

Amy and Jett

The next week:

Tim and LaNae -Ward Temple Visit