Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 2015 General Women's Meeting

About three days before the General Women's Meeting, we were blessed to get tickets to attend at the Conference Center in Salt Lake!  Amy, Brielle, and I left home at around 3:30 pm and went to the Wild Zucchini for lunch/dinner.  Fortunately, it was not crowded and we had a nice visit over our delicious meal.  I got the Thai chicken salad, Amy got noodles with Alfredo and Brielle got noodles with Marinara sauce.  Yum!

We also got a parking pass at a place close to the Conference Center.  Our tickets were for the balcony.  It was wonderful to see the prophet walk into the room.  Everyone stood up to show our love for him and a neat spirit filled the place. 
The Conference Center quickly filled up to capacity.

President Uchtdorf spoke at the end, telling us a parable of a girl named Eva who went to stay with her Great Aunt Rose.  It made me think of how much we grow to appreciate people we take time to be with and about how everyone can experience joy in this life, even when we are going through tough times if we put our faith in the Lord. He talked about faith, hope, and love.  It was a great talk!

After the meeting, we walked through Temple Square for a bit, admiring the beautiful flowers and scenery.

And of course the Temple was all lit up and breathtaking!
We headed for home and stopped for ice cream at Cold Stone in Sandy on the way.  I got pumpkin spice flavor-soooooo gooood!!!

Luke had another swim lesson with Kaylee.  We have homework to do until next time!

Luke's teacher sent us this picture.  Luke went up to Parker and said, "Hi Parker," and Parker said, "Hi Luke."  Then Parker said, "tickle!" and Luke tickled him on his shoulder and they both laughed. 
 His teacher caught this cute picture of the rare interaction.  Priceless!

Our neighbor returned from his mission to Korea and his parents surprised him with this awesome vintage military truck.

He was soooo excited to get this gem! So fun!