Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Ghost of Christmas Past!




McIntyre Reception

On Monday, December 22nd, Tim and I attended Eric McIntyre's reception in Orem.  It was awesome to see so many dear friends we knew in Japan-Mason's Fowers, Hunsakers, Millers, Durees, and we met Rick's mission president and his wife, President and Sister Evans.  It was great to finally get to meet them in person and to be able to thank them for all they did for our son.  

The reception was beautiful!

Dec 23

I took Luke swimming at the Legacy Center pool.  He loved it!  Afterwards we went to Ridleys for yaki soba.  As I was standing in line at the check-out, Luke said, "I want a drink of water," and took off.  The man behind me said, "finish checking out and I will look out for him, I have two."  Sure enough, he came back with Luke.  I asked him how old his two were and he said 33 and 31.  He said he lost one of them at the Festival of Trees a few weeks ago.  "When they see something that catches their eye, they are gone."  It was nice to meet someone who was understanding and helpful!  
Merry Christmas!

Popcorn and a Movie

I picked up several movies from the library so Tim and I could have a little date.  I don't watch movies often, but I knew Tim likes detective shows so I picked up Columbo, and a girl I work with had highly recommended Downton Abby so I got the first episode of it.  We first put in Columbo and it was about a symphony conductor who murdered his mistress (not the most uplifting theme) so we turned it off.  Then we put in the first episode of Downton Abby and found it to be even worse!  Oh well, we still have the Sound of Music, Stories of Christmas, Mandela:  Long Walk to Freedom, and Gilmore Girls.  Here's hoping we have better luck with these! 

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Week Before Christmas

JJ Skinner came over for dinner on Monday night for FHE.  He was just starting finals so it was a big week for him.  He goes in to the MTC on January 20th and since he already speaks Japanese, he will be there for 10 days and then off to Sapporo.  He is excited to go--  It was fantastic to see him again!

On Tuesday, Luke and Amy went on a hayride for YM/YW.   They had a great time! It was a bit loud for Luke, but he loved it and didn't want it to end. On Wednesday, the Relief Society had a "Christmas Cozy" which was basically drinking hot cocoa and visiting at the Steven's house.  Thursday was special needs mutual, but we couldn't get Luke to go in for the Christmas party.  He did roller blade around the parking lot for a half hour or so which was great exercise for him.  That night Tim and I made hundreds of gyoza for a Christmas party at Waterford for one of his classes.  They also had hot cocoa for the students to celebrate the start of Christmas break-FUN!

Amy had been practicing driving in the church parking lot.  She loves it!

Rick and Kelsee surprised us with a visit.  They brought some fun presents and said a quick hello before returning to Logan.  Rick has early morning work so he had to get going.  He is planning to be in Logan for Christmas which is probably a good idea because it is supposed to snow, but I think we should be able to face time him in for Brian's Christmas call!  

Here is a new idea for a Chritmas tradition: