Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday was Luke's actual birthday and he turned 15!

His class at school made him this fun birthday card.

We celebrated that in our traditional way of breakfast in bed, and then taking him to a trampoline place...

It was such good exercise for all of us-whew!

Brian and Chloe did many flips and rock climbing

Luke has always loved trampolines

We are grateful for this delightful boy of ours who has a pleasant disposition and loves everyone unconditionally...

We have learned so many things from being his parents-what a phenomenal kid he it! 

 It was snowing so much that day, but we did manage to make it over to Roll with It for some ice cream.

Saturday was our Stake's Women's Conference and It was amazing as always.  The guest speaker had cancer twice in her eyes and was completely blind.  The theme was on "courage," and she told several hilarious stories about the challenges of living with blindness.  Humor can really help you get through some tough times in life!

I attended two more classes taught by sisters in our Stake.  They were so good.  We had a nice luncheon afterwards of quiche, a salad bar, cheesecake with raspberry topping and chocolates.  Yum!

On Saturday night, Tim took me to a UVU vs. New Mexico basketball game.  It was so fun to be among the energy of youth (college students) again.  What a close game, but sadly they lost (barely).

It was sure fun though and I got to see the new "Roots of Knowledge" stained glass window exhibit that was so beautiful and detailed.  It had Planets in the universe, the Palace of Versailles, the Taj Mahal, the Nina Pinta and Santa Maria and Christopher Columbus, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ghandi, Christ, the first newspaper, and so many events throughout time that symbolized advances made.
If you get a chance-GO SEE IT!!! You will be glad you did!

I also got to see Tim's classroom for this year and all the fun techy projector equipment, etc. that he has available.  Those students are sure blessed to have such nice facilities!

We got snow and more snow this week.  We need the moisture and are grateful for it!

Weekly letter from Elder T. Stout:

This week was a way normal week of Dendou, nothing really crazy to report. It snowed a little, it's still too dangerous to ride bikes so we walk a ton. O said that he knows that the Book of Mormon is true, and that Jesus Christ is his Savior, and he said he wants to follow him, that is awesome!!  WE FINALLY CONTACTED B!! He's as amazing as ever. Apparently he has a girlfriend who took his phone and has been deleting our messages so he didn't know we were trying to contact him! He is determined that the Church is the life that he wants for himself, so we are going ahead with teaching with a lot of determination!! Pray for T PLEASE!! His girlfriend is progressing AMAZINGLY, but he just doesn't understand repentance. Once he does, him and his girlfriend will be solid for forever.

I LOVE THAT TALK. And I will share it in every lesson from now on. Also, I remember you telling me that story of when you got sick when I was younger, and it way crazy inspired me. You can ask John, writing ANYTHING is the biggest challenge for me. I didn't completely realize until my mission, but I don't like writing for a long time, I usually just give up at some point and that's where I stop. That kid is truly Christ like for writing TWO for you!! Let's all work harder to be like him!!

I love those pictures of Luke.. He is truly the most adorable person in the world.

I am not working too hard to lose weight, but I have lost 30 pounds since landing in Japan! I still have a ways to go to fit into my other clothes. In fact.. I just broke the Missionary record for most eggs eaten at とんかつ三条 a place that has all you can eat eggs, so I had 26 eggs on top of tonkatsu...

Tell my sister I love her, and tell my brothers that I think they are manly men. And that I love them.