Monday, October 26, 2015

Saturday, we decided to surprise Todd by visiting him at work.  

We went in and ordered a Hawaiian pizza.  He came out with a big grin!  
His work colleagues are calling him "Leland" now.  
He said it is okay if we continue to call him "Todd" that way he can tell who really knows him the most-ha! Love that kid of ours!

He ran the pizza out to us. So nice!

Amy was invited to a birthday party at Lagoon and to a Cultural Celebration at the Conference Center and to a Halloween party all in one day.  She decided to take the first two invites because it was impossible to do all three.  After a big day at Lagoon, I picked her up and we met some friends at the Conference Center and saw a magnificent Latin and South American singing and dance performance.  David Archuleta was there and he sang with his mother.  It was a very tender and beautiful evening and we decided to return on Sunday for a similar meeting only more of a devotional.  Elder Christofferson spoke and David Archuleta came again and sang a few songs.

Fun evening!

Carson returned and we went to hear him speak on Sunday!  It was so fantastic to see that kid again-he is amazing!

Luke had a big day!

That night we took Soph to the Cultural Celebration Devotional

Beautiful full moon!

These girls were pretty happy to get to hear David Archuleta sing again!

Soph wants to marry him one day!

Speaking of marriage--can't get enough of this beautiful place where we were married almost 25 years ago!

Halloween week!

Scar and Mufasa!

Great job on the make-up, ladies!

Luke and Dad carved Darth Vader into the pumpkin... 

May the force be with you!!!

Wow, nice job, honey :)!!!