Saturday, September 10, 2016

Lot's going on...
Spencer came to visit right after the Choate reunion. At the same time, Todd returned from Tennessee and was home for a week, then started working full time again.  Spencer wants to go to the Police Academy and is working towards coming back to Utah for school.  
We had a nice visit with him.

The nashi tree (Asian Pear) is loaded this year with yummy looking fruit.

I've gotten behind here so please pardon the barrage of pictures! 

First day of school.  Luke started Seminary for the first time.

School started at a brand new high school where Amy and Luke are both going now.  
First time they've been in the same school which is sooooo nice!

Amy went to the Thanksgiving Point Flower Gardens with the Young Women in our ward.

Luke, Tim and I went to dinner.  Luke started Adaptive Swim and he loves it.  He is quite good at swimming on his back.  Luke got a little hole in his pants and he started ripping until he ripped them right off.  His teacher was mortified, but managed to find him some shorts in the office.  He also ate some hand sanitizer (again) at school and his teacher called poison control.  His yelling problem has improved much over the past few weeks-whew!  He seems to love school!

May Kelly with Grandpa 

We had Family Home Evening together with the whole team and watched Brian and Chloe's wedding reception video. We sure love this group of family and relish the time we get with them!

This is the slide show Tim made for the wedding reception.  He put it on Youtube so our family in Oklahoma could see it and this is the random picture it landed on.  I know it is not Chloe's favorite picture, but she is cute as can be, at any rate and Brian has a picture to match--see if you can spot it!
Also, we found this picture of Brian's baptism in Japan when he was 8. Great memories!

In the mean time, while we were at the wedding, Jarrett came in and made a trail of chocolate kisses.  There were so many chocolate kisses that Amy has given them to friends, made cookies with them, and we still have quite a few!  It's a good time to come over to our house!

Carson and Christie got married the week before Brian and Chloe and just a month after Preston and Breanna.  
It was a booming summer for Stout family weddings!

Taken just before we left for the temple!

Rachel took the pictures and here is a sneak peek of one of them :)

Heidi took a bunch at the reception area which was a wonderland back yard of Chloe's great-uncle.

We had a bit of rain just before the reception started, and then a big, beautiful rainbow appeared over the whole venue! Amazing!

The cake was yummy and the decorations, lovely!

Chloe's great uncle released a newly born butterfly into the air just after they exchanged rings.

The happy couple coming out of the temple

Grandpa and Grandma Stout's great-grandchildren-ALL OF THEM!!!

May Kelly
Lexi Beth and Mindy

It was sure nice to have all the family there.

Luke and Tim

Monday, September 5, 2016

Just for Kids Fund Raiser

In August, we attended a .5 K race fund raiser for Special Olympics

Luke enjoyed it and got to take a picture with a police officer at the end

We attended a cousin's wedding reception and saw lots of Boise relatives

May Kelly came over

Brian and Chloe visited the spot where they would have their wedding reception

One word:  Spectacular!!!