Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sad news about Grandma Stout...

Grandma Stout has gallbladder cancer. They've already removed her gallbladder, but the lab results showed that the cancer has spread all over her body, and the doctors are not giving her much longer to live, perhaps six month. There is no treatment or cure. She is peaceful and happier than we've seen her in years. First, she said, "Now I don't have to get that darned colonoscopy!" Then, she said, "Or that darned sleep study" (she has sleep apnea.) Most of all Mom is thrilled that she will soon be with Grandpa Stout again. You can just tell when you talk with her just how excited she is! 

Last Tuesday Tim asked Grandma to not go until Brian gets back from his mission in Ukraine in September. Then, Cindy spoke up and asked her to wait until Carson gets back in October. Then, Wendy sheepishly asked her to wait until Preston gets back a year from April. We all had a good laugh/cry. 
We found out about Grandma Stout at the beginning of the week and are grateful to have the gift of some time with her. Some of her happiest years were when she was serving as a Mission President's wife in Kobe, Japan.  She loved the missionaries and the work she was able to help with while they were there. 

Todd and John are planning to submit their mission papers together on the same day in just a couple of weeks.  They should know where they are going by the end of February or the first of March!  Todd was interviewed today to become an Elder.  We have lots of highs and lows going on at our house right now!

Luke went bowling with his school class this week.  His teacher sent this picture of him.  Amy had a sleepover with her friend Tabitha.  Todd had a couple of "last time for 2 and a half years" parties for his friend Brian Mickelson who is entering the MTC on Wednesday.  

As usual, Tim didn't disappoint in making my 50th birthday amazing.  Roses, breakfast in bed, salmon and sweet potatoes for lunch and Cafe Rio for dinner.  I also went shopping and was able to get a few nice shirts and sweaters.  Got several cards and calls.  Mindy and Eric's family stopped by with a gift and to visit for a bit. 

Tim and I have been making some plans for fun things we can do with Todd before he leaves and with Grandma Stout.  We are grateful Grandma Shaffer will be staying here until she passes so we will be spending some time with her as well.  She will be 99 years old in August!

Sister Rosenbalm asked me to substitute teach for her in Relief Society so I taught the lesson today. It was on John 10:10, "I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly."  I know that as we draw nearer to the Savior, it increases our feelings of peace as we face the difficult challenges of life. 

I also talked about being creative and showed a few of the Raggedy Anns that Grandma Stout made for our kids over the years.  We have quite a few.  She made the three gingham Raggedy's for Brian, Rick, and Todd when you were little along with matching shorts and buttoned down shirts for them to wear.  Darling!  She made Rick a pirate, Brian a knight, Todd Naruto and the blue dragon, and she made Amy a princess fairy and a large Raggedy.  And she made the special pillow for Luke after he got a little freaked out with the sock monkey she made for him.  She was always trying to get just the right thing that her grand-kids would love.  Now we have them as treasured keepsakes.  She gave each grandchild a copy of her Raggedy Ann pattern for Christmas so the tradition can live on!

 Fun photos of cutie pie Lexi Beth....