Sunday, May 21, 2017

Wedding Anniversary-26 Years!!!

May 18th was our 26th wedding anniversary

We went out to dinner at the Cafe Madrid in Salt Lake

The food was amazing and beautiful (see the lobster bisque above)

There were also many beautiful paintings throughout the restaurant!

Amy had to make a trebuchet for her Physics class.  Luckily we had all the materials in the garage...

 May and Lincoln came over...

May is a big helper... 

 Cute kids!!!

Bu was baptized this passed weekend.  This is what he said in Japanese:

"I am so grateful for this day. I am grateful to God. I am grateful for baptism. I am grateful for you and your kindness.
"When I first met Elder Stout and Elder Stout, I really wanted to learn about Jesus Christ. But I did not know if I believed. I also was afraid that I would not be able to learn, because I do not speak Japanese. I did not speak English. Sometimes, I got frustrated when it was difficult to understand.
"But now I know that God lives. And I know that he loves me. And because he loves me, I was able to learn. Because I know he loves me, I got baptized.

"Baptism is not an end. It is a beginning. So, everyone, I am looking forward to learning together with you."

Todd is transferring to Ushiku...

John is staying in Sanjo to finish his mission

So very grateful that these two got to share their missions together in Sanjo.

Hope we will get to visit there one day!!!

Click above to hear them singing!

Brian and Chloe near Senzoku-ike where we used to attend church...

Very proud of these two!