Thursday, May 1, 2014


I sat down with Amy to help her with her homework.  She looked a bit tired.  She said, "I used to think it was weird when people got tired in school and couldn't imagine anyone actually falling asleep in class.  Now I can see how it could happen."

We started going through her English vocab words: extract, tract, retract, protracted, detract, contract, portray, entreat.  I got up to double check a spelling and definition on the computer, and when I looked back, she was out!

I Want Dinosaur, Please...

Next I heard Luke singing.  That kid has a gorgeous voice and he knows countless songs!  I went in his room and he smiled and said, "I want dinosaur, please."  I said, "Raaaaaooooorrrrrrrhhhhhhh," and tickled him!  He loves that game!