Friday, August 21, 2015

First day of school & Tim starts new job at UVU!

Luke's first day of school.  The bus comes at 8:00 am.

Getting on the bus

Luke loves school!  Here is a message from his teacher about the first week of school...

Good afternoon!

In all my years teaching, I can honestly say that we've never had a first week of school go this smoothly.  What a fantastic way to begin the year!  While we spent most of the week getting peer tutors trained and introduced to the students, your students have been incredibly patient, and enthusiastic about being at school.  Beginning today, our students started attending their classes with their peer tutors, and it all went very well.

Thank you all for your patience this week, as well as the classroom supplies many of you have provided.  Next week we'll begin our lessons and assessments.   Our topics for the next week include:

Reading:  Choosing reading material we enjoy, authors, illustrators, etc.
English:  Sentences!
Math: Touch point review, and place value.
Social Skills:  Problem Solving

Have a great weekend!  Your kids are fantastic, and it's a pleasure to be their teacher!

Amy's first day of school!

She rides with our neighbor to school.  She is loving it so very much!

Todd taking Luke for a walk

Tim started his job at UVU.  He has three jobs this year:  1) Teaching Mandarin Chinese at Waterford and working full time as  Foreign Language Department Chair 2) Teaching a beginning Japanese class at UVU 3) Teaching Japanese for Middlebury College in Vermont online from home
He will be a busy man this year!

His first week at UVU was inspiring and I think he is going to love it.  He starts on Monday!