Monday, December 1, 2014


I met Tim 24 years ago on November 19th.  Best day of my life!  But this year we got some sad news that cousin Wendy Petersen passed away on that day.  She was instrumental in getting Tim and I together so it was a very sad day for us.

Grandpa and Grandma Choate, Uncle Steven, Sariah, and Bekah arrived on Tuesday so that they could attend the funeral.  Eric and Mindy came over to see them and then Grandma Choate and I went to Wendy Petersen's viewing in Cedar Hills.  We saw lots of family there and visited with them (Suzanne, Peggy, Pam, Paul, Tom, and Scott, Uncle Jerry and Aunt Joan).  Scott made a beautiful video of Wendy's life.  She was an amazing, happy person and I will miss her very much!

The next day, we attended the funeral.  Scott told about her life, Suzanne spoke, Peggy's daughter, Kayla spoke, there was a musical number by Paul's wife, Anne Marie and their youngest daughter, "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus," which was Wendy's favorite song.  Tom spoke and told so many fun things about Wendy, like how she loved to dance, and travel all over.  She visited us in Japan just after Luke was born.  So fun!  I drove up to Tremonton for the burial.  Her spot there is right behind Grandpa and Grandma Petersen.

Luke and I arrived back home at around 5:00 pm and we got to meet Jared's fiance, Taylor for the first time.  Mindy and Eric came over and met her too.  We got a picture of Jared and Taylor holding Lexi Beth, so it has the first grandchild holding the 50th grandchild!  Awesome!

The next day was Thanksgiving and we ate around 1:00 pm or so.  Then we went over to the park and played football.  It was nice to get some exercise after that huge meal!

Friday we went to the Bean Museum.  They have added 36000 square feet of new space and have updated the old space.  It looks really nice. We came home for soup and then we went to Temple square to see the lights.  it turned out to be really crowded so we went to the holiday lights display at Thanksgiving Point.

On Saturday, we went to Brigham Revell's baptism in Eagle Mountain.  Mindy led the music and her dad spoke.  It was a beautiful service.  We had lunch there afterwards.  That night we went to Scott and Airyn Petersen's for dinner.  Airyn made lots of real Philippine food.  It was delicious and  I ate way too much!  It was so fun to catch up with them and remember fun times we've had together.

Sunday was the baby blessing for Lexi Beth.  We had the dinner afterwards at our house.  Lots of people came.  Grandpa and Grandma Choate had to leave right after to get back to Oklahoma and to turn the car in.

On Friday Cindy Beus called to say that Aunt Barbara was in town, and that Gene was quickly deteriorating, and she was hoping to give him a final priesthood blessing. Uncle Rick and Tim went over to the rest home with Barbara, and Cousin Bev and Cousin Arlo. They gave Uncle Gene a blessing, and Barbara one too. Less than 24 hours later we got a message from Barbara that Gene had peacefully passed away. It was a tender mercy that Gene's children were able to be there. His funeral is Wednesday at 2:00 pm.  

Grandma Beth Choate meeting Lexi Beth for the first time!

Grandpa Choate meeting Lexi Beth

Jett, Lexi Beth, and Grandma Choate

 Eric, Todd, Luke, Jared, Jett, Taylor, LaNae, Tim, 
Lexi Beth, Mindy Jo, Jaxon, Grandpa Choate, Grandma Choate, Bekah, 
Josh, & Steven