Wednesday, March 7, 2007

January 2007

Since New Year’s Eve was on a Sunday this year, we decided to try something new. Rick, Amber, and Morgan went to a fireside where President Hinckley and Elder Holland talked to the youth of the Church. The rest of us went to the Arnoldsen’s for dinner. We came home at 9:00 hoping to go to bed early so that we could get up for a sunrise service. We did not get much buy in from the children, so Tim stayed up with them to ring in the New Year.
At 7:00 am, January 1, 2007, we got everyone up for bacon and eggs, pancakes and orange juice breakfast. Tim brought out the new journals he had gotten for everyone and we each wrote some resolutions and thoughts for the coming year. It was rather cloudy and so we really didn’t get to see much sun (at the sunrise service), but we enjoyed having the morning together anyways!
All the kids had to go back to school on Tuesday, January 2nd, but since Waterford’s break went for another week, Tim didn’t have work until the 8th.
The temperatures were very cold, but we didn’t get much snow. The torsion spring on our garage door broke in half and a repairman had to come out and replace it for us. He said his busiest time is in the winter.

Amy’s birthday party was on Friday the 12th. She wanted to plan it herself and didn’t want to have a particular theme. Everyone arrived at 5:00 and we began the party by making a craft. Eilee, Alyssa, Katie, Hannah (cousins), Emma Garrett, Abbie McAndless, Abbie Reeves, and Rachel Morgan came. Megan and John Stout were there too. We ate pizza for dinner and then everyone went downstairs for the piƱata.

Everyone got a chance to hit it. Here is a picture of Amy giving it a good whack.

Scrambling for candy and toys

The next game was the traditional Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

The tail went in some interesting places.

It turned out to be a tie so the girls ended up sharing the prize. We cut the stickers up so that everyone could have some.
Amy asked her dad to tell some of his famous (and favored) bedtime stories and so he told two. The girls loved it.

Next we sang Happy Birthday to our little seven year old girl and everyone ate cake and ice cream.
Amy helped decorate the cake

Amy got some very nice gifts from Grandparents, family and friends

Waterford asked Tim if he could do a long-term substitute for a teacher who is getting her Master’s degree and had a conflict with her schedule. Tim agreed to teach sixth grade English on Monday mornings. The teacher will be grading the papers and making the lesson plans, so Tim will just teach the class.
On January 14th, Brian gave an excellent talk in Sacrament meeting. He memorized the whole thing and got lots of compliments on it. Cousin Wendy came over for Sunday dinner and we had a nice visit with her.
The kids were out of school for Martin Luther King Day on Monday, the 15th. Amy went to Jentrie’s house to play in the morning, and then Jackie came over to play in the afternoon. Rick went to Orem to see Amber and Morgan. Todd played with John.
On Friday, January 19th, we left right after school and went to Spanish Fork for Hannah Prigmore’s birthday party.

She had a penguin party and Heidi made another amazing cake!

Eilee and Amber came home with us afterwards to play for awhile.

The Beus’ have season tickets to the Jazz games, so when one of Lorin’s favorite teams—the Miami Heat, was in town, and it happened Dave was unable to go, Cindy asked Tim to take Lorin. The Jazz barely lost, and it was a fun game.

Lorin enjoying the Jazz game

On January 20th, LaNae went to Stake Women’s Conference. Janice Kapp Perry’s daughter, Lynn Christofferson, spoke and played several musical numbers that she had written. She is every bit as talented as her mother. A few notes from the conference:
Lift your mind higher
Let your thoughts soar
‘Til the pull of the world has no power
To weigh you down anymore
Think of all that will truly inspire
Lift your mind higher
This next song was written when her oldest daughter went on a band trip to Washington DC. It was absolutely beautiful and LaNae cried her eyes out.
The day has come for you to go
I recognize your restlessness
I’ve taught you much of what you know
You flutter first and then you fly
Part of me will fly away with you
Part of you will stay with me
Within my nest
You’ve had brief chances to explore
That left you eager to see more
Enjoy the rhythm of the wings
Yet in that endless span of sky
Be careful where you choose to fly
Part of you will stay with me
You will always be a welcomed guest
I am trusting you now to the Father’s care
For when any sparrow falls he is aware
I’m grateful to be so blest
To have sheltered you in my nest
Carmelle and Lloyd Newell also spoke. He does the Music and the Spoken Word program on Sunday mornings. Our Stake President spoke at the end. It was a great meeting.
Right after the meeting, LaNae went to the Legacy Center because they were having a 20% off sale on the year family passes at a Health Fair. The special ended at 1:00, so she got there just in time. The pass allows our whole family to use the pool, track, weight, rock climbing, and cardio facilities there.
On Sunday, the 21st, Rick and Brian had their Court of Honor at the church. Rick earned several merit badges and is just one badge short of getting his Life rank. Brian earned several merit badges and advanced to Star rank.
Brian pinning on the star pin on Mom

Rick receiving his merit badges

On Monday, the 22st, Luke went to the pediatric dentist. He has no cavities!
Our next door neighbors, the Robertsons, had a new baby boy on Luke’s birthday. They named him Ashton and he was almost eight pounds.

The 23rd was Luke’s birthday. It was also the day that LaNae volunteers at Luke’s school. They had a little celebration for him there and Aunt Heidi came by and dropped off a present and wished him Happy Birthday.

Spencer Rollins from across the street and Marcello Sousa from just down the street came over for a birthday party. We had pizza and they played on the slide downstairs. We sang, had birthday cake and ice cream. Luke loved it. He got lots of nice gifts from Grandparents and friends.

Luke and Rick on Luke’s five year old birthday

Luke enjoying his ride on bouncy ball toy

Luke playing with a balloon

The 25th was Pack meeting for Todd and he was awarded four Webelos pins.
The kids were out of school on the 26th and we went swimming at the Legacy Center. Brian went on a campout with the Scouts. They got to sleep in real Army tents with stoves in them. Brian had a blast.
On Saturday, the 27th, Tim took Rick skiing at Solitude. It was Rick’s first time. They had chocolate lover’s day there with plenty of hot chocolate, candy bars, strawberries dipped in chocolate etc… the hills however, were a bit steep for a first time skier.
Brian chose to do a vortex experiment for the Science Fair using dry ice, clear plastic panels, and a blow dryer. His teacher gave him a 100% grade for it.

He was a bit under the weather for the actual Science Fair this year.
It looks just like a tornado

Wednesday, January 31st was LaNae’s birthday. Tim brought home roses and they went out for lunch at an Italian restaurant. LaNae opened her gifts from her mom and dad and put on the new pajamas she got for her birthday. The family made a nice dinner of taco salad.

Todd made the cake and helped decorate it.

Then he hunted for candles and found just enough. It made quite a fire!

LaNae received lots of nice gifts from family and friends. Thank you!!!

January was a big month for birthdays in our family!