Sunday, November 22, 2015

25 years since the day we met...

This week we celebrated 25 years since the day we met!  We met at a Thanksgiving dinner at the Vermont 3rd Ward in Orem.  Tim asked me to go ice skating for our first date.  It was supposed to be a group date, but everyone cancelled at the last minute and left just the two of us.  We drove to Salt Lake and sang Christmas carols and had a wonderful time and the rest is history!

Tim gave me 25 red roses-beautiful!!!

After we got engaged, we would constantly sing, "I love to see the temple, I'm going there in MAY"!

Tim and his brother David went to the Draper temple on Wednesday night.

We drove to Eagle Mountain and saw Rick, Kelsee, and May

What a cutie she is!!!

Amy got her hair done this week

Luke had his IEP this week.  He is doing great at the Jr. High!

Tim still working hard every day.  
He wrestled up this elevated desk so he wouldn't have to sit so much!