Thursday, September 4, 2014

Grandma Stout and Abby Prigmore are twinners!
The porch swing...

Luke is growing up fast.  One thing he has always loved is the motion in the swing.  We spend a lot of time with him there, waiting for the bus, enjoying the beautiful weather, and there is often a hummingbird or two on the purple bush which is fun to watch.  This summer Tim has been home more.  I love this picture of the two of them together!

Cousin buddies...

Shauna had a birthday party for Uncle Rick.  I snapped this picture of Amy and Conner who are the same age.  Conner really likes sports at this stage and Amy has been going to Stake dances around the valley pretty much each weekend this summer.  They are both growing in to outstanding teenagers trying to do their best to be good examples.  I'm proud of them both!

Jason and Calista...

Jason and Calista came and stayed with us for a few days this summer around the end of July.  One of the highlights was getting to attend the temple together.  We saw the newest movie which has lots of watercolor painting-BEAUTIFUL!  Eric watched the kids and Mindy came with us.  It was wonderful!

Todd and John...

Todd and John have been great cousin buddies since they were born.  I'm so grateful that they have each other.  In this picture, they set up some movies in the back yard and enjoyed some milk and cookies while watching a show.  Soooo fun!

Days of '47 Pre- show

We went to the South Towne Expo Center to see the Days of '47 Parade floats.  They had many activities for the kids-they especially enjoyed the clowns and balloons!

Jim and Angie's family came to visit for a few days.  One of the highlights was a hike to First Falls.  

Tim, Luke, and LaNae at First Falls

Luke made it all the way up to First Falls (barely).  We'll have to take him on some more hikes!
Tim and Luke at First Falls

What a week!

Brian was transferred to an area near the Hungarian and Slovakian borders. 
 His mission had a wonderful zone conference this week.  
He is pictured there in the back row, to the left.

Rick called Wednesday night and said he had some stomach pain.  I gave him a number for the after hours clinic and he talked to a doctor that said to go straight to the emergency room.  Come to find out, he needed gall bladder surgery.  I drove up Thursday morning to find a bit of a surprise (I'm not going to go into it here).  On Friday, he had his gall bladder removed and he is recovering from the surgery. The day after the surgery he put something sad on Facebook.  A lot of people go through challenging times at his age.  We are planning on loving him through it!

On Friday night, Amy went to Classic Skating with her school friends.  Then she went to Grandma Stout's house for a cousin sleepover.  The girls had a fabulous time and Grandma Stout said she plans to get them together about once a month-fun!

 On Thursday night, Tim and I went to the Kenny Loggin's concert.  It was a present to Tim for Father's Day and we finally got to go.  Kenny Loggins is 66 years old now, but still full of plenty of energy and he put on a terrific show.  We had a great time!

Tim and I taught the 5th Sunday lesson on, "How to help  families prepare their children to serve missions."

Todd did the "ice bucket challenge"which is a huge thing going on right now to help promote awareness of Lou Gerig's disease.  Only thing is, he had his friends light his pants on fire.  Fortunately, they got it out!

Nori Mason and I got together for another fun lunch at Olive Garden.  She is a great friend and a wonderful strength to me.  I enjoyed our visit so much!

Mindy invited me to be present for the birth of Lexi Beth, so I went to one of her appointments and met the midwife and saw the place where she will be when she gives birth.  I have the job of keeping a good journal of the big event!

Tim started teaching Mandarin Chinese this week!  He loves it so far and gets to have Amy in his class.  He also has Todd for AP Japanese.